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5 Tips to a Healthy Marriage

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5 Tips to a Healthy Marriage

No one said marriage was easy, being engaged is pretty different than when you start living together, and start facing day to day issues.
Here are Arabia Weddings’ 5 tips to keep your marriage healthy and happy:

#1 Respect each other's privacy: Now that you’re married, you shouldn't let jealousy and suspicion come between you and your husband. Don't interfere or impose yourselves on each other's privacy. Keeping some personal space is very important.

#2 Talk about your issues: Discuss your issues and problems in a mature way, always keep an open mind, compromise, and never sleep when you're mad at each other.

#3 Don't beat around the bush: Being direct with each other, and feeling comfortable enough to say whatever you want without introductions will help you keep an open channel without worrying about what to say and how to say it. Remember, open communication is key to a healthy marriage.

#4 Keeping secrets: Now that you’re married, you must remember that both of you will now have secrets of your own. You shouldn’t share them with friends or family members; you should preserve and honor the sanctity of your marriage.

#5 Keep the romance alive: With your busy lives and daily routines, it might be difficult to sustain the romance, but you should always make time for each other and never take each other for granted. Schedule time for just the two of you and go out on regular date nights, even if that happens once every couple of weeks. Keep in mind that it’s quality over quantity.