For the Daredevil in You, Propose to Him!

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For the Daredevil in You, Propose to Him!

Since 2012 is a leap year (a year that contains one extra day which is February 29th, and comes once every 4 years), why not make it all that more special and propose to your man?

Traditionally speaking, women used to propose to men in leap years only. In the Middle Ages, a man who turns down a proposal on a leap year had to give the woman who proposed a kiss and a silk gown! (Getting a "no" might not be that bad after all!)

But in these days, women are proposing regardless the year being a leap year or not. So why not take charge this year by proposing to your partner? If you want to mix things up a little, here are a few tips that can help you out…

Make sure that the answer is "YES": Before you actually propose, try to make sure that you are both on the same page and you both want to get married. Start a conversation about your future together, and see whether he thinks he's ready to get married or not.

Make sure you know him well enough: Do not propose if you've only known him for 6 months or less! This is not enough time for you to get to know everything about each other. The first 6 months are usually exciting and romantic, but you need to know if he is truly the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

Propose according to his personality: Take into consideration your partner's personality before you pop the question. Is he a private person who doesn't enjoy attention? Then consider proposing in a more private and intimate way. He might be adventurous but not romantic at all, then you should probably propose in a cool and fun way, no need for the candlelit dinner. If he's the romantic type, then you can pull all the tricks you have under your sleeve.

Do you want to buy him a ring? Think about what you want or what your partner would prefer, should you buy your own engagement ring? He might get offended if you do. Some guys truly believe that a man should always be the one proposing so if you think he might feel threatened, then don't propose. Or you could just pop the question and mention that he can propose again with a ring! Instead of a ring, you can get him a thoughtful and symbolic present.

Tell him why you want to marry him: Guys usually need direct explanations (most ladies would agree with that). So before asking him to marry you, tell him why you want to marry him. Give him good and direct reasons; tell him how you see your future together and why you love him.

Don’t get down on one knee: As we mentioned before, some men believe that proposing is a guy's thing. As a lady, you should not get down on one knee, as it has a chivalrous meaning, and you wouldn’t want to hurt his ego.

Make sure he's not proposing: Before you rush into things, make sure he is not preparing to propose to you! Men have dreams of proposing too, make sure you're not ruining that for him.

Are you personally ready? It's every woman's dream to have a fairytale ending, to be proposed to, to have the love of her life getting down on one knee with the perfect ring, and the idea that he spent so much thought into it. Are you ok with not experiencing this? Will you have the sense of humor to explain to people that you're the one who proposed when asked, "How did he propose?"

Plan a celebration: You want to have something prepared once you get the big "YES", go celebrate somewhere special to the both of you.

If you are a woman who isn’t worried about conventions and you feel that you're up for this challenge then follow your heart. We wish you the best of luck!  

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