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Propose to Her the Right Way

We have given you a few ideas on how to propose to your sweetheart in our articles:

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But here are some new ideas that we love and your future fiancé will love too.

Coffee Proposal: Have the words “Marry Me” written inside her cup to read after finishing drinking her coffee.

Celebration Proposal: Is her birthday coming up soon? How about giving her an extra gift? Get down on one knee and propose, you might just have made her birthday wish come true.

Sweet Proposal: What is her favorite dessert or sweet? Get a box of her favorites and slip in a small note saying “Will You Marry Me?” inside the box. Or better yet, place the ring in the box for her to find.

A Proposal in a Box: The idea is to send this proposal in a box to your relatives and friends, fill the box with a “SAY YES” banner, hats, glasses, confetti and have them take photos of each other holding up the banner, throwing the confetti, and using the noisemakers, and then arrange the photos to be part of your proposal. Burn the pictures onto a DVD and as you are watching it, get down on one knee, or you could post them in a notebook and as she looks over at you, you are waiting with the engagement ring in hand.

If these marriage proposal ideas are not enough, take a look at the videos!

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