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Enjoy Your Pre-Wedding Moments

Some couples get so caught up in the wedding planning whirlwind that they forget to enjoy the moments they have together.
The months before your wedding will never come back again, so you need to enjoy and cherish the details that lead to your wedding day.

Selecting Your Wedding Venue:
Visiting hotels, and hall rooms can be really fun, you get to visit beautiful hotels, sample food, and imagine your wedding details together. Don’t forget to use the Book Your Venue tool if you’re having your wedding in Jordan.

The Wedding Invitations:
Spend the evening with your fiancé, write down the names of your guests, and why not deliver your wedding invitations together? Your guests will appreciate it.

Choosing Your Wedding Rings:
Visit different jewelers and try on wedding rings, make a day out of it and go for a quick lunch together afterwards to celebrate choosing your wedding rings.

Choose Your Song:
Spend the evening listening to songs that remind you of each other, not only will it bring back memories of when you first met, you will also get to practice your dance moves. Click here to check our recommended songs section!

Choosing and Booking Your Honeymoon:
Go through different websites, travel agencies and search for the perfect honeymoon destination together. Click here to check our special offers on honeymoon destinations!