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Horoscope Spotlight: Leo July 24 – August 23

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Horoscope Spotlight: Leo July 24 – August 23

Leos are known to be very dynamic and energetic, they are self-motivated and generous.
Leos can be inflexible but they are also big-hearted and loyal.

Element: Fire
Ruled By: Sun
Birthstone: Peridot

What does your horoscope have to say about your love life this month?

According to astrologist Maggie Farah:

“This is your lucky year when it comes to your love life, you will feel happier in your relationship. And for the singles, there might be a chance of a new relationship or marriage. Be careful not to hurt your partner, and make sure you include them in your decisions.”

And according to Carmen Shammas:

“This month brings you many fun and exciting occasions with your loved one, you might travel with the one you love or meet someone special while traveling. Be diplomatic when dealing with your partner.”