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What Men Want Women to Know

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What Men Want Women to Know

Men don’t always like to talk about their feelings, and there are some things they don’t tell women, because that’s just how they are.

But we managed to get some insider information, and wanted to share the scoop with you! Here are the common things men actually want you to know…

They Want Intimacy Just Like Women Do: Men don’t mind holding your hand, or hugging you in public, it just depends on the circumstance and who is around at that time.

They Love Chocolate Too: Yes! Chocolate can even make men feel better. If your partner is feeling blue, offer him some chocolate for an instant boost!

They Want Romance: If you love a romantic candlelit dinner or a slow dance with your partner, chances are that he enjoys them as much as you do.

They Can’t Read Your Mind: Whether he has known you for 5 days or 5 years, men are not the best at reading your mind (then again, who is?). So speak up, be honest, and tell him how you feel; it will save you both the trouble.

They Appreciate Your Taking Charge: Men don’t always want a damsel in distress; they like to lean on someone every now and then. They want to know that you’ve got their back and you can help them out when they need your help. After all, and independent and strong woman is always attractive.