What Not To Say To Your Newly Engaged Friend

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What Not To Say To Your Newly Engaged Friend

When a girl gets engaged, she feels like she has suddenly become the center of attention, which might be overwhelming at times.

Regardless of how you feel about your friend being engaged, and whether you like her fiancé or not, all she needs is your love, support, and to share her happiness.

It is very important that you don’t say anything negative to an engaged couple. To make sure that you don’t hurt the bride’s feelings, here are some things you should never say to your friend when she gets engaged:

  • Are You Sure You Want To Marry Him?

You are not the one who got engaged and you can never truly know how your friend feels about getting married, so be supportive and let her make her own decision.

  • I Didn’t Expect You’d Say Yes!

This implies that you think her fiancé is not good enough for her, and it will sound like you didn’t think they would work out as a couple.

  • The Ring Is Not Your Style

This implies that you don’t think the bride’s ring is nice and that it doesn’t suit her, if she looks like she likes it then she probably does.

  • Can I Be a Bridesmaid?

No matter how close you and the bride-to-be are, leave this decision up to her and don’t impose yourself like that. It is the bride’s decision to decide on who she wants to be her bridesmaid.

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