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What to Expect During Your First Year of Marriage

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What to Expect During Your First Year of Marriage

You’ve heard people say it; left, right and center: The first year of marriage is the most difficult year for you as a couple. And we’ve previously lent our expertise on the topic:

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But what do most people not tell you about your first year of marriage? And what should you expect? We are here to let you know:

Post Wedding Depression: Believe it or not, many brides suffer from this after they come back from their honeymoon. For the few months before the wedding, you would have been occupied planning your wedding and honeymoon, with no free time to think of anything else.  Read “How to Beat Your After Wedding Blues” for tips to help you out.

The Arguments: If you think you and your fiancé have fought before and that you know exactly what it’s like, you are wrong! Fights become very different once you’re married. You might fight and bicker over the smallest details, but you will make up and this will bring you even closer to each other.

Baby Drama: Expect the baby hints and questions to start from family members as soon as you get back from your honeymoon, don’t feel pressured and explain that you and your husband will think of having babies when you are ready and that it is your own decision.

Discovering Your Partner’s Habits: You may discover some annoying habits that you never knew existed, but that’s ok! You partner probably feels the same way. Remember that you both love each other and you can solve everything with communication and honesty, no one is perfect.

You Will Miss Your Mother: Once you start being responsible of your own house and family, you will start missing the days when your mom worried about all this, and think to yourself how on earth she managed to do this so well. Give her a call, and tell her how much more you appreciate her now that you’re in her shoes!