Sarah and Gaby's Phoenician-Inspired Wedding

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Sarah and Gaby's Phoenician-Inspired Wedding
Sarah and Gaby got married on 7 September, 2019 in Kfar Abida, a village located in Batroun district in the north of Lebanon. The wedding was designed and planned by Tarte aux Poires who are based in Beirut.

The Phoenicians (an ancient civilisation that originated in Lebanon) were very active on the Mediterranean Sea exploring the different cities on its shores for trade. Tarte aux Poires wanted to give Phoenicians a tribute, so they decided to draw from the Phoenicians' travels and from this old civilization to create the main theme of the wedding. The scenography’s architecture was then inspired by shapes and colors of the area. With an artistic and modern edge, transformation happened through the production, and the selection of the latest materials. 

An original pattern was created to dress up the venue and create the definitive signature of this culturally-inspired and sustainable Lebanese wedding. Inspired by the couple’s identity and preferred shapes, this was their footprint across many of the collaterals and touchpoints of the wedding: From the dance color, to the signages, the bars, giveaways, fun areas and accessories.

Detailed Setup:

The wedding ceremony was held exactly on sunset hour on a wooden deck with the sea as its backdrop. Specifically designed copper arches that acted as a backdrop for the ceremony were decorated with a mix of large green and dried leaves, banana leaves and pampas grass. The aisle was also decorated with a wild selection of greens, Aloe Vera and banana leaves.

The welcome drink was held on a wooden deck around a boat-shaped bar. The theme was also based on poetic travels, with inspiration from Hemingway; this led to various interactive spaces such as, the guest book that was written on old typewriters, a Do It Yourself (DIY) Sangria and a mermaid distributing Tequila shots.

The dinner tables were set in a sunshine shape, the tables and chairs were minimalistic and modern, natural wooden top tables with copper wire frames and copper chevron chairs to compliment.

The flower concept was based on Mediterranean wild flowers and plants grown locally. Pampas grass was also used in soft green hues and rustic peach tones. Escort cards were made by a local Lebanese designer, Nourkay, entirely from plastic bags recovered from nature.

  • Wedding Planner: Tarte aux Poires
  • Venue: Soult Beach, Batroun, North Lebanon 
  • Catering: Saveur Plus 
  • Bar: L'Osteria 
  • Furniture: Dfouny Technotel 
  • Tech: Hybrid Installations 
  • Photographer: Firas Chehabeddine Photography
  • Flowers: Bassatin Baanoub 
  • Entertainment: 8eart's Marilyn and The band, Arts & Melon live acts, Hayakel Baalback Dabke.
  • DJ: Roy Azzi
  • Hostesses: Select Agency 

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