Wedding Giveaways Your Guests Will Use

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Wedding Giveaways Your Guests Will Use

Wedding favors are a great way to thank your wedding guests for coming to your wedding and celebrating it with you; it is a nice gesture to give them something to remember your wedding with, but, most significantly, a wedding giveaway that they can actually enjoy and use it too.

Some brides decide to skip the giveaways, and that’s perfectly ok, but if you want to give your guests a wedding favor to remember your big day with, and don’t want your money to go to waste, then give them something they will actually make use of.

Here are some ideas of wedding giveaways that your guests will definitely use:

Flip Flops

Not only will your female guests thank you for saving their feet from all the dancing; but they will also remember you every time they wear their flip flops at home or to the beach!


Small succulent plants in pretty pots make a cute and simple gift that will stay with your wedding guests for a long time.

These succulents are particularly useful as wedding favors for eco-friendly weddings

See beautiful succulent wedding centerpieces here!


People never throw away new candles; they will always save them and cherish this gift as a memorabilia of your wedding. 


Whether you give your guests bags filled with candy or have a candy buffet for them to fill their own bags, they will remember your wedding day when they eat the sweet treats.

Honey or Jam Jars

A sweet treat that has a long life. You can indulge your friends in a DIY project before the wedding to prepare these sweet wedding giveaways. 

DIY Lip Balm

Personalized lip balms with the bride and groom’s initials on them are not only a great idea but a useful one too. You can make your lip balms at home from scratch - see this: 3 Amazing DIY Lip Balms


The ladies at your wedding will love this giveaway, it will keep them warm if the night gets cold, and they have a new shawl to wear later on. 

Handmade Natural Soap

Handmade artisanal soaps are simply wonderful as a wedding favor. You can purchase them at many places, or you can make some yourself. If you want to give it a try and make your soap at home, check out this: How to Make Soap at Home

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