Stunning Kosha Designs We Spotted on Instagram

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Stunning Kosha Designs We Spotted on Instagram

Koshas are definitely becoming the center of weddings in the Middle East and especially in the Gulf Region, where brides look for the most unique Kosha designs, and wedding planners compete to create outstanding and luxurious Kosha seating and decor.

Since the kosha is usually placed in the center of the wedding venue, all eyes are on it as soon as the wedding guests enter the venue, this is why brides pay a lot of attention to their wedding kosha, and with all the ideas and decorations it might be hard to pick a design.

We spotted on Instagram this month some beautiful Koshas designed by some of the most popular wedding designers and planners in the Gulf region, ranging from luxurious velvety seats to tropical backdrops. These Koshas were indeed unique and beautiful.

The kosha designs are always seeing new trends and creative ideas when it comes to decor, color, and overall design, some brides prefer a simple and romantic kosha, while others like a royal and glamorous kosha, as well as modern and minimal koshas.

Your wedding kosha should go perfectly with your overall wedding decorations and blend in with the theme, the options of how you can have your kosha look part of your wedding theme are endless, and your wedding planner will help you with that.

Always make sure that the seating of the kosha is comfortable as you will be sitting there with your groom, and don't forget that the floors should go with the kosha design and wedding theme as well, whether it is in color or design.

You will probably take tons of wedding pictures on your kosha, whether by yourself or with your groom or even with your family and friends, a nice floral backdrop is always a nice choice for your wedding kosha, you can also add some candles in different sizes to add some light around your kosha.

Choosing your kosha flowers and the colors that will look good on it usually depends on the style of the wedding you are having and the venue as well, for example, if you are having an outdoor wedding, white flowers with lots of greenery are always a great choice.

From the UAE to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, we chose some of our favorite Kosha designs for you to get inspired by:

Lace Events - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Amjad Al Samhan, Kuwait


Bibi Hayat, Kuwait


Aghareed, Dubai 


Bianca Events, Dubai


Farida Damerdash, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia