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Top 9 Luxury Wedding Planners in Dubai

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Top Luxury Wedding Planners in Dubai

Dubai has built a name for itself in luxury living; from luxury cars to mansions, fancy shopping malls, opulent hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, grand entertainment projects, and magnificent towers and structures, the standards across the board in Dubai are extremely high.

This is also reflected in luxury weddings in Dubai. The rich Emirati and Gulf families spare no effort in making sure they hold a luxury over-the-top wedding down to the tiniest detail. Planning a Dubai wedding is no piece of cake, let alone a luxurious celebration with grand design and decor. It requires long planning, special design skills, collaborations with specialists in many fields, the construction of custom-made installations and sculptures, custom-made furniture and ornaments, coordinated technical production, meticulous site management, and lots more.

Luxury weddings held in Dubai are not exclusive to Arab weddings. Indians, Nigerians, Russians, Europeans, etc., and other nationalities from different corners of the globe are having glamorous weddings in Dubai. So, how does a couple go about planning a luxury wedding in Dubai? The first step is to hire one of the best luxury wedding planners in Dubai to do the job for you. The rest of the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place seamlessly and effortlessly.

You can always have your dream luxury wedding at one of the top outdoor wedding venues in Dubai. And your wedding planner will help you create the most magical wedding.

If you are looking for a Luxury Wedding Planner in Dubai, here are the top ones:

Ali Bakhtiar Designs - Dubai

Ali Bakhtiar Designs

Ali Bakhtiar Designs offers a wide range of wedding and event planning and coordination services. The company strives to exceed the expectations of its clients and presents creations that are exquisite.

Dubai-based wedding planner Ali Bakhtiar Designs plans a lot of luxurious weddings in the UAE and around the world. The company has successfully completed exclusive international projects in such countries as the United Kingdom, France, Russia, the Maldives, the United States, Italy, Greece, India, Brunei, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar, with a list of clients from royalties and governments to celebrities and VIPs.

"We work closely with our clients to consider all that is essential for their most cherished day. A magical story is created – not just a wedding reception – which will feel harmonious and balanced using specific themes, styles and designs, created and used only once for each event. We don’t limit ourselves to one style. We embrace classical, baroque, modern, Middle East, contemporary and futuristic styles because each couple is different and their celebration unique", says Ali Bakhtiar.

Beautiful weddings by Ali Bakhtiar:

A Luxurious Henna Night in Dubai

Bianca Events

Bianca Events

Bianca Event Styling is a full-service event management company that provides complete planning, consulting, and styling for weddings, corporate events, and social events. Bianca Event Styling provides its clients with spectacular events through creativity and uniqueness based on individual tastes and preferences.

The only way you can be original is to be able to translate the client’s unique personality into a statement. Bianca Event Styling helps you do that.

Bianca Event Styling incorporates themes, design layouts, event styles, and décor with the ultimate goal of making your wedding an elegant, unique, and memorable experience.

DesignLab Experience - Dubai

DesignLab Experience

DesignLab Experience specializes in large-scale events for individuals and public clients. Their in-house team of designers and architects creates environments that combine advanced technology with refined craftsmanship.

We have seen some amazing, huge installations and sculptures designed and constructed by DesignLab Experience for some of the most opulant weddings in the Middle East, including royalties.

DesignLab's global network of trusted suppliers enables it to design and execute custom-made installations of any dimension onsite in a timely way.


Eventchic Designs

Since their establishment in 2015, Eventchic Designs has been focusing on reinventing the world of luxury events by creating new standards. It is an expert in understanding their clients' desires and unsaid wishes.

They go above and beyond, exceeding expectations in everything they do. They focus on the things that matter most, down to the smallest of details; nothing is left untouched, and everything is designed to create an unforgettable experience for their clients and their guests.

They have a professional and dedicated team of experts working in perfect harmony to bring all elements of the design to life. \

Beautiful weddings by Eventchic Designs:

Luxury White Wedding at Burj Al Arab

A Reign of Orchids Themed Wedding in The UAE

Julie and Romeo

Julie and Romeo Celebrations

Julie and Romeo is a wedding design company based in Dubai with operations worldwide. They provide complete wedding décor services starting with the concept, flower arrangements, stage and kosha, lighting, furniture, and more.

Julie is the founder of the company, a French designer, and has been its coordinator since 2010. With her experience, she created Julie and Romeo weddings in order to help make the dream weddings of her clients come true.

Olivier Dolz

Olivier Dolz

Established in Dubai in 2007, Olivier Dolz specializes in the bespoke design, production, and planning of unforgettable events. Continuously traveling the world to bring new inspiration, Olivier and his team pride themselves on producing one-of-a-kind weddings and events every single time while delivering a constant high-quality outcome in a sophisticated European style. Open-minded and curious, Olivier Dolz adapts his designs and concepts to each unique situation, cultural background, and choice of venue.

The unconventional design, combined with flawless work ethics, is what makes Olivier Dolz unique. Olivier produces awe-inspiring events that are tailored to each client by spending a considerable amount of time listening to and getting to know each of his clients. Making dream weddings come true is Olivier’s number one priority, and as such, he is known to transform any event into a stunning experience.

Check out our exclusive interview with Olivier Dolz here!

Vivaah Celebrations

Vivaah Celebrations

Under the leadership of Rahul Kumar, a world-renowned award-winning wedding planner, international speaker, and trainer, Vivaah Celebrations provides comprehensive wedding planning and management services to couples from all over the world. Having successfully planned, managed, and conceptualized weddings in over 23 countries, their team of creative wedding planners is constantly raising the bar in order to deliver the finest and most memorable wedding celebrations worldwide.

Positioned as one of the finest destination wedding planning companies in the UAE, Vivaah Celebrations operates globally for destination weddings. Vivaah Celebrations has planned, conceptualized, and managed weddings for some of the most prestigious families in different parts of the world. Offering bespoke solutions for every aspect of wedding planning, their services include everything from initial planning to event operations and wrap-up of events. 

Beautiful weddings by Vivaah Celebrations:

Thunder in Paradise Indian Wedding in Ras Al Khaimah

A Charming Iranian Wedding in Dubai

Vivaah Weddings

Vivaah Weddings

Vivaah Weddings is a premier wedding planning and management company operating globally for destination weddings. Vivaah Weddings has planned, conceptualized, and managed weddings in the UAE and internationally.

Offering custom-made solutions for destination weddings, their services include everything from initial planning to event operations and wrap-up.

The company’s director, Arun Bablani, has shaped up Vivaah Weddings as a bespoke wedding planning and management company that specializes in South Asian destination weddings, including Indian weddings, Pakistani weddings, Sri Lankan weddings, and Bangladeshi weddings. Vivaah Weddings has delivered some of the most memorable wedding celebrations for esteemed families and clients worldwide.

Vivaah Weddings helps to shape up your big day better than you may have imagined and ensure your celebrations are memorable and forever cherished.

Beautiful weddings by Vivaah Weddings:

A Romantic Destination Wedding in Dubai

A Luxurious Nigerian Destination Wedding in Dubai

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