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Top Catering Companies in Lebanon for Your Wedding

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Top Catering Companies in Lebanon for Your Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding one of the most important elements we spend a lot of time on is food! A wedding is incomplete without a delicious menu to serve your wedding guests. This is particularly true for Arab weddings, where a sumptuous menu, careful selection of cuisine and great presentation are signs of good hospitality and generosity. Celebrations in the Middle East are mostly about delicious food and treats and how they are presented to the guests.

Brides are no longer interested in the taste and quantity of food only, but they're also becoming more picky about the presentation; they want it to be unique, elegant, and beautiful.

Lebanon is known to be home of the tastiest dishes in the region and the most talented chefs, it's only natural for Lebanon to have the most professional and talented catering companies that you could hire for weddings across the Middle East.

To save you some time and effort we have selected some of the top catering companies in Lebanon, take a look: 

Cat and Mouth catering in lebanon

Cat & Mouth Caterers

Established in Lebanon in 1998, Cat and Mouth is a caterer for weddings, cocktails, parties, galas, dinners and other special occasions. The company is one of the leading private catering companies in Lebanon that specializes in hospitality consulting, the operation of clubs and resorts, institution catering, and the provision of services within, and to, the restaurant industry. The company offers a cuisine that is traditional, rich and innovative, tailored for the pleasure of the senses and for each wedding. Each menu is custom-made to fulfill your specific needs. Every event is planned and followed up by a coordinator, available at all times.

Faqra catering in lebanon

Faqra Catering

Founded in 2003, Faqra Catering has established a pioneering and solid brand name in the Lebanese market. Their tangible success is due to the highly competent team equipped with a long experience and talent in the food and beverage industry. 

Faqra Catering offers upscale catering services for groups of 2 to over 3000 people. Their area of expertise encompasses every type of event, from upscale weddings to casual dining experiences. Whether it is a seated dinner or a buffet, Faqra Catering provides consistent and flawless food services to truly transform every wedding into an unforgettable memory. 

sofill catering in lebanon

Sofil Catering

Sofil Catering is one of Lebanon’s premier catering companies boasting excellence in quality of food, impeccable service and offering new and exciting standards within the catering industry. Established in 1992, Sofil Catering has expanded and secured a great reputation as one of the top caterers in the region and is the chosen caterer for many venues. 

Sofil chooses the best produce available, ensuring freshness, high quality and innovative menu design for the most discerning palates. Sofil Catering has experience in delivering large scale events and festival catering. Their logistical experience provides peace of mind for clients and their dedicated events team has the experience and knowledge that is essential to the smooth running of large scale weddings. 

Cuisine Dor catering in lebanon

Cuisine D'or

Inaugurated in 2014, Cuisine D’or Catering offers high-end catering and provides warm, intuitive and personalized service. They are a premier catering company that caters to all occasions from weddings and lunches and private meals or cocktail receptions. 

Fleur De Lys catering in lebanon

Fleur De Lys

Fleur De Lys is a prestigious catering company based in Beirut. The aim of Fleur De Lys established by Michel Ferneini is to change the face of private and corporate catering. Fleur De Lys takes care of every detail, be it at a leading venue or at home, for a corporate event, for a private invitation or for a sensational wedding, in Lebanon and in the GCC. The company is at the cutting edge of the hospitality industry and one of the regional top caterers.

Bread and Roses catering in lebanon

Bread & Roses

Established in 2009 in the Saifi neighborhood, one of the trendiest in Downtown Beirut, Bread and Roses aims to bring the best of international culinary and catering expertise to its clients in Lebanon.

From sophisticated wedding menus and nutritious school meals to hearty institutional catering and outstanding parties, Bread & Roses has excelled in every catering sector, inspired by Lebanese heritage and open Mediterranean culture.

Saveur Plus  catering in lebanon

Saveur Plus

With a blend of the refined and unique elements Saveur Plus has become one of Lebanon’s leading catering companies. Its reputation has been built on their delicious cuisine, flawless and stunning decorations, as well as, attention to the smallest most intricate detail. Saveur Plus is always following the latest trends in gastronomy and event decorations, evolving and updating in the process. 

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