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Are you getting married in Lebanon? Weddings held in Lebanon are among the best in the world, as Lebanon offers wonderful venues, indoor and outdoor; outstanding wedding planners who are able to create any wedding theme no matter how grandiose the idea is; first class gourmet cuisine; and impeccable professional services. 

From beach weddings to mountain weddings with splendid sea views, from country-side weddings to indoor weddings... Beirut and other cities and towns across Lebanon offer a wide range of properties and banquet facilities with immaculate landscaping and lush greenery to make every wedding, not matter what its theme or budget is, stand out, in this vibrant country in the Middle East. 

Lebanon boasts some of the best creative talent in the world; fashion legends are dressing up royals and celebrities around the world and their exquisite designs are steeling the limelight at major fashion runways in Europe and elsewhere. Lebanese creativity and flair is not limited to fashion, it is quite obvious in weddings as well. Wedding planners in Lebanon are designing, planning and executing some of the most amazing weddings that you will see. Head over to the section on Lebanese Weddings to see images of real weddings held across the country. 

Here in this section you will find your ultimate guide to planning a wedding in Lebanon. The directory has over 1500 wedding venues, suppliers and service providers covering every aspect of your wedding. From your wedding dress to your honeymoon package, and everything in between, we got you covered. You will find the vendors and the venues you are looking for in this directory who you can contact with a click of a button.

In this wedding planning guide for Lebanon, you will also find a section on Lebanese Fashion Designers that displays the latest bridal collections of the top bridal designers in Lebanon including Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad. For a shortcut, you can jump straight into reading this article: Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon. You will also come across a section on Zaffe, which is a major element of every Lebanese wedding, so you can select the songs and zaffe that you'd like to have at your wedding. 

Experts in Lebanon have very good advice to offer brides and grooms to be, whether that advice is related to bridal beauty, hairstyle, wedding photography or bridal wear, we have asked the experts to share the latest tips and trends which you will find under the Lebanese Experts section. 

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