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Jewelry Stores in Riyadh

Saudi brides are known for their luxurious taste especially when it comes to their style and looks, and most importantly on their wedding day! Starting from their hairstyle, makeup, wedding dress, and of course their jewelry!

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Jewelry shopping is considered to be a tradition and part of the culture in Arab weddings and every Arab bride loves this process, some brides love simple jewelry pieces that they can wear every day while others prefer more elaborate and luxurious pieces, and Riyadh is filled with jewelry shops that offer jewelry pieces to suite every taste.

Here are the top jewelry stores in Riyadh for you to check out!


Al Moallim Jewelry

55 years ago, Muhammad Othman Al Moallim started a business in Taif, one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia in 1951 primarily to manufacture gold coins.

From pioneering one of the kind factories in Saudi Arabia, the business evolved into producing high-quality jewelry with precious stones.

Soon, Al Moallim established a reputation for making custom-built pieces of elegance.


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Al Romaizan for Gold & Jewelry

Al Romaizan is one of the leading gold and jewelry companies in the GCC. Headquartered in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, they have garnered a reputation as industry leaders and experts in the design, manufacture, and distribution of quality gold and jewelry products.

Al Romaizan currently has branches across 4 countries – Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. 

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Al Fardan

Al Fardan Jewellery is synonymous with the pearling industry, it is a brand that draws its inspiration from its long and rich Emirati heritage.

Whilst Al Fardan continues to set the highest standards and commitment to quality and excellence, the brand is continuously evolving by creating impeccably handcrafted timeless designs for the modern woman.

Recognized as a leading retailer in the Middle East, Al Fardan’s vision is to become a global key player who represents contemporary and momentous jewellery and watch brands.

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In 1893, Frédéric Boucheron was the first of the great contemporary jewelers to open a boutique on Place Vendôme. The Maison moved there from its original home at the Palais-Royal where it was founded in 1858.

As a traditional French High Jewelry Maison, Boucheron helps uphold and update the industry’s expertise, skills, and techniques. Recognized as bold and visionary, the Maison makes the most of innovations at every level – from raw materials to boutiques –, taking into consideration its responsibilities toward the environment.

Innovation is central to the creative approach of Maison Boucheron. Each new High Jewelry collection offers an opportunity to mingle different types of expertise. Whether in terms of materials or crafting techniques, innovation always expresses a creative dream. 


Damas House of Jewelry Design since 1907, their story began over 100 years ago; they have since become the leading and most recognized jewelers in the Middle East. 

Their name is synonymous with the ever-sought-after, unparalleled luxurious Arabian aesthetic. Invention, craftsmanship, and design integrity remain at the heart of what they do.

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Guided by the endeavors and visions of five generations, Mouawad’s heritage spans more than a century of creations and traditions in masterful jewelry design and watchmaking. Since its inception in Lebanon in 1890, the revered values of the brand have been revived over the years to offer true luxury and refinement to a discerning clientele, penetrating continents across the world.​

In line with its vision to become an admired luxury brand leading in customer enchantment worldwide, Mouawad has been achieving milestone after another and gaining international acclaim that made the brand synonymous with utmost luxury and refinement. 

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The largest gold and jewelry designer, manufacturer, and distributor in the Middle East and the 4th largest jewelry manufacturer worldwide.

With a true understanding of every woman's need for distinctiveness, L'azurde designs original unique jewelry for every moment in a woman’s life, creating a signature style that offers elegance and uniqueness for every occasion.

L’azurde makes use of over 2,000 experts and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities; therefore offering its products in the GCC and MENA regions and exports to 15 other countries across the world.

Lustro Jewelry

Lustro is a Saudi high-end jewelry brand that designs and manufactures in Italy. Founded by Saudi Entrepreneur Mishal Ahmad Aldebeyan in Saudi Arabia – Riyadh in 2008.

Subsequently, in 12 years, Lustro made a massive success in the jewelry sector in the Saudi Market where it became a leader in fine jewelry with a high reputation for integrity, value, and trust.

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Yessayan Jewellery

Having been in the business of creating masterpieces that are the epitome of elegance, beauty, and perfection since 1977, Krikor and Haroutioun Yessayan have made their distinct mark in the world of fine jewelry. Their vision shone through decades and emerged in everlasting glory, and Yessayan Jewelry became regaled for its excellence in craftsmanship and design.

From the conceptual stage to the final timeless work of art, the attention to detail given to every intricate element of the jewelry is the legacy and heritage Yessayan passes on to the customers. Purity of quality and unmatched expertise are some values the brand bases itself on.

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