The Top Makeup Artists in Egypt

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The Top Makeup Artists in Egypt

Once a bride chooses her wedding dress and bridal accessories, she starts thinking about her bridal hair and bridal makeup, how will she have her hair, in a beautiful bridal updo or let her hair down, which makeup look should she go for, what shades suit her skin tone better, and many other questions cross every bride's mind when preparing for her wedding day.

Egyptian brides are known for their love of beauty, they love everything that is trendy, elegant, and unique, at the same time, and they are always looking for the best makeup artists around.

If you're getting married in Egypt, you will be faced with hundreds of makeup artist that is talented and professional.

In the country of stars and celebrities, it is only normal that the best makeup and beauty experts are found, and what is better than having your bridal makeup done by an amazing makeup expert who worked with A-list celebrities.

But with all the options of makeup artists out there, it is not easy to pick one, this is why we bring you some of the best makeup artists based in Egypt for you to choose from.

Here are some of the top makeup artists in Egypt that can do wonders for your bridal makeup look:


Kiki Ismail

Kiki is a makeup artist based between Cairo and New York.  Kiki joined the exceptional program at the Make Up Forever Academy. He decided then and there that he will apply and pursue his passion, no matter what. Having no prior professional training as a make up artist, nonetheless he embarked on a journey of discovery and created a portfolio and sent it to the Academy in New York. Kiki worked with many regional and international makeup artists such as Cara Delevingne.

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Ahmed Gamal

One of the top makeup artists in Egypt, and is one of the post popular makeup artsits among brides in Egypt.

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Mai Ayman

Mai Ayman is an Internationally certified makeup artist from London Makeup Institute. She has worked with many celebrities such as Yousra, Gilan Alaa, Riham Abdel Ghafour, Carmen Bsaibes.

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Heba El Kaissy

An amazing beauty blogger who graduated from London College of Makeup Graduate. Int'l Makeup Association Accredited. Heba was also the face of Revlon and Inglot. Heba is not only a talented makeup artist but also a great makeup instructor.

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Alaa Eltonsy

With over 1.2 million followers on his Instagram account Alaa has become one of the most famous makeup artists in Egypt, he worked with many famous celebrities such as Angham, Mona Iraqi, and Ghada Abdel Razek.

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Soha Khoury

Soha was born in Lebanon, and is based in Egypt, she is one of the top makeup artists in Egypt, and she is known for her professional and beautiful bridal makeup, she also worked with many celebrities such as Nelly Karim, Ghada Adel, Hend Sabry and Saba Mubarak.

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Abdallah El Rifai

An amazingly talented creative makeup artist, also considered to be a favorite among brides in Egypt. 

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Mirna Kauzman

Known for her unique techniques and professional makeup work, Mirna worked with many celebrities such as Yasmin Raeis. She also partnered with L'Oreal Paris Egypt.

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Sally Rashid

Sally Rashid is known for her unique take on makeup, she has worked with many important brands, designers, and celebrities. Sally is a Lancôme National Makeup Artist.

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Zeina El Naggar

One of the well known makeup artists in Egypt, Zeina El Naggar has been in the industry for a while now, and if you're looking for a professional makeup artist to make you look flawless on your wedding day, Zeina is the one for you. Click here for an exclusive interview with Zeina!

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Shadi Zeidan

One of the most popular makeup artists in Egypt, known for his amazing work on runways, photoshoots, and with celebrities, Shadi worked with some of Egypt's most famous celebrities such as Menna Shalaby and Laila Elwi.

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Reham Khalifa

A talented bridal and celebrity makeup artist, and founder of RK MAG a makeup and beauty magazine.

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Fatma Bahgat

From editorial makeup, evening makeup to bridal makeup Fatma is branching out, and creating a name for herself in the makeup industry in Egypt, she is definitely worth checking out.

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Aisha Ghanem

Definitely a favorite among brides in Egypt, they don't only love her amazing makeup work but also fall in love with her personality.

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Dolly Yanny

Dolly is not only a talented makeup artist she is also the founder of Dolls Lashes a luxuries line of mink lashes.

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