Top Reasons For Saying Yes In Switzerland

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Top Reasons For Saying Yes In Switzerland

Switzerland is the perfect choice for a destination wedding. The breathtaking scenery which offers the ideal background for your everlasting memories along with a wide range of locations and venues and impeccable hospitality services, are some reasons that make Switzerland a dreamland for any couple looking for a stunning one-of-a-kind destination wedding. 

From charming castles on lakeshores to mountain huts in the picturesque Swiss mountains, from an estate in a Swiss vineyards to a grand luxury hotel, you are bound to find the perfect venue in Switzerland whether you love a classic wedding, a modern wedding or anything in between. 

We joined the first familiarisation trip for wedding planners to Switzerland in September 2019 to take a look at the various locations and venues available for destination weddings, so believe us when we say - Switzerland has it all!

Wedding Planners at Interlaken in Switzerland

 A group of international wedding planners in Interlaken. Photo credits: Youri ClaessensAvieta Claessens​

Here are the top reasons for selecting Switzerland to say your "I Do": 

1) Breathtaking Views

One reason, for sure, is the breathtaking backgrounds and views. Setting is key when it comes to having amazing and spectacular shots of your wedding. Imagine going through your wedding photo album and seeing yourselves posing with majestic mountains, a romantic lake, a picturesque Swiss town in the background or snow-covered landscapes!

Whichever season you choose for your wedding in Switzerland, the scenery is amazing. In winter it's simply magical; picture a snow-covered landscape, candles, and a peaceful atmosphere, how romantic is that? In summer, the blue and serene lakes, the green mountains and the beautiful Swiss chalets and surroundings provide the best backdrop for picture perfect wedding images. 

Take time to get the best pictures of your life: Whether it is a pre-wedding photo shoot, your wedding reception or your honeymoon, Switzerland will give you incredible memories that you and your spouse will cherish forever. 

2) Extraordinary Venues

Switzerland offers extraordinary venues and locations; from rustic mountain huts to luxury private villas, castles and hotels... to your own island close to the borders with Italy, Switzerland offers a red-carpet treatment at every corner. 

The following venues and locations are a small sample of the diversity that Switzerland offers couples wishing to get married in Switzerland:

Luxurious Hotels: Needles to say, Switzerland boasts many luxury hotels fit for royal weddings. Beau-Rivage Palace located on Lake Geneva's shoreline in Lausanne enjoys a reputation for excellence. Its exquisite historic ballroom (Sandoz) is the perfect venue for a grand and an extravagant wedding celebration. Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, also situated on the shores of Lake Geneva and overlooking the Alps is another luxury wedding venue. 

Mountain Hotels: Higher up in the Alps mountains is Gstaad, a famous ski resort that offers many possibilities for unforgettable weddings from 5 star hotels to cosier venues. Gstaad Le Grand Bellvue and Gstaad Palace are 2 properties that offer rich wedding packages for a memorable wedding celebration. You can rent the entire hotel on select dates to personalise your wedding experience and enjoy complete privacy. Gstaad hotels are also well known for their marvelous spas and treatments. Read.

Magical Gardens: Another beautiful venue is the unique garden of Fairmont Montreux Palace, which offers a more Mediterranean feel with a stunning view over Lake Geneva. Over the years, the Montreux Palace has developed a fine sense of what a truly grand wedding requires. 

Mountain Huts: Here is a mountain hut with a unique location in the middle of the breathtaking mountain in Gstaad. At 1,920 metres above sea level Wasserngrat offers a unique wedding venue with stunning views of the Bernese Oberland and far-reaching views across the Saanen District. Wasserngrat is a good option in summer and winter, however, summer allows you to celebrate outdoors with a stunning view. In winter you could still have a ceremony outdoors in the snow and move inside for the rest of the celebration. 

Wedding in Wasserngrat

Birassago Island: What about a private island with a botanical garden, surrounded by palm trees? Brissago Island offers many different venues, including a pool area (which was an old roman bath), several parks, and a villa with 10 rooms. 

Brissago Island in Ticino

Private Villas and vineyards: In the heart of the Château de Vullierens estate, located between Lausanne and Geneva, Portes des Iris is an exceptional venue. The building contains 6 rooms which can host up to 700 guests in a banquet setup. The 2 terraces, which can accommodate up to 1600 guests offer a direct access to one of the most spectacular gardens in Switzerland.

Porte Des Iris - Youri

The international wedding planners group visting Porte des IrisPhoto credits: Photo credits: Youri ClaessensAvieta Claessens​

Kursaal Interlaken: This is a historic conference center with many banquet rooms that can be perfectly used for weddings, located in Interlaken which is nestled between two lakes and surrounded by a unique mountain backdrop. The venue can accommodate weddings and special events from 100 and up to 920 persons.  

Kursaal Convention Center - Interlaken

Kursaal Congress Center - Interlaken. Photo credit: Photo credit: Photo credits: Youri ClaessensAvieta Claessens​

3) Central Location

Switzerland is an ideal place for destination weddings because of its central location within Europe and ease of accessibility from the Middle East.

It is locatetd in the heart of Europe bordering France, Germany, Italy and Austria, and boasts several international airports, including Geneva and Zurich, which make getting to Switzerland very practical. Neddless to say, its public transport system, from trains to metros, offers an extremely reliable and high quality service that stands up to the Swiss prominence and reputation in punctuality.  

Switzerland is not a big country, distances within the country and to neighbouring countries are short. So for your guests, it's an ideal starting point or a hub to visit other destinations around Switzerland. 

Switzerland offers 3 cultural regions; The French, the German and the Italian parts of Switzerland which are quite different from each other. It’s not just the language, it’s the food, the vegetation, the weather and much more offering a great diversity to any travel program which your wedding guests will thank you for. 

4) Pre & Post Wedding Programs

Your wedding guests will have the time of their life. You can rest assured that your wedding guests will have plenty to do and see if they decided to extend their stay in Switzerland either before or after the wedding.

Switzerland Tourism can help you put together an unforgettable program for your wedding guests. If required there are endless options for guests and everyone can find the right thing to do.

For the adventurous friends, there are paragliding and mountain excursion activities. For your guests looking for a more relaxing and pampering experience, there are plenty of luxurious experiences such as spa retreats in the middle of the beautiful nature. For gourmet lovers, Switzerland offers wine tasting and chocolate-making workshops in various destinations. There are many more activities to indulge in including horse carriage rides, watchmaking workshops and many other authentic experiences. 

5) Easy Civil Marriage Regulations

Regulations for civil marriages for foreign citizens are very clear, easy and straightforward. Swiss Law makes it easy for international couples to obtain a legal civil marriage license, recognized as binding in their home country. 

Formal preparations can begin 6 months prior to the desired wedding date, however; the documents will require a minimum of 3 months to be processed. 

Switzerland Tourism's contact with the local government allows them to inquire and reserve an available date, venue and time for your legal marriage ceremony in Switzerland. So send an email if you wish to enquire about these regulations or book a date. 

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