Wedding Cake Alternative: The Wedding Rice Krispie Cake

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Wedding Cake Alternative: The Wedding Rice Krispie Cake

Rice Krispies or Rice Cakes were a very popular dessert when we were young children and children, these days, still love this sweet treat.

Luckily, Rice Krispies are making a comeback, and it looks like it will be making its way into weddings too!

Usually, Rice Krispies are cut into squares and served individually, but how about a whole Rice Krispie wedding cake?

If you’re looking for a fun and cute wedding cake alternative then consider having a Rice Krispie wedding cake.

Rice Krispie treats are usually made out of Rice Krispies cereal and melted marshmallows.

What is great about Rice Krispies is that you can decide any cake shape, color, or design you want, to suit your wedding theme, color, and style.

So why not take your guests back to their fun childhood and serve a beautiful and delicious Rice Krispie wedding cake?

Check out these beautiful Rice Krispie wedding cakes fit for a fabulous wedding.