A Magical Arabian Nights Wedding Theme

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A Magical Arabian Nights Wedding Theme

Are you looking for an authentic idea for your wedding? How about an Arabian Nights wedding theme?

This theme is also perfect if you are planning on having your wedding in Eid Al-Fitr or Eid Al-Adha.

When decorating for an Arabian Nights wedding theme, the sky is the limit! Think of a Thousand and One Nights, or everyone's favorite Disney movie: Aladdin.


Have ottomans and cushions around the room.

Make sure you place many candles and lanterns.

Why not have a Henna artist for fun? 

Curtains are very popular when decorating for such a theme; curtains hung from the ceiling will create a beautiful ambience.

Here are some more beautiful pictures that will inspire you in decorating the perfect Arabian Nights wedding:



These cakes are perfect to go with your wedding theme:




As for the beautiful bride, Princess Jasmine is your inspiration! Look for bold jewelry items and consider wearing black kohl on your eyes.

Black kohl is very popular among Arabs and has been the most important beauty item for Arab women for generations.