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A Syrian Inspired Wedding Theme

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A Syrian Inspired Wedding Theme

Syrian celebrations are known in the Arab world for the delicious foods, lavish decors, and beautiful musical tunes.

If you’re a couple who wants to have a Syrian or, as many call it, a “Shami” inspired wedding theme, then we have some beautiful ideas and tips for you.

The Hamam is a well-known tradition in Syrian weddings, on the day before the wedding the bride and groom are taken by their male and female family members, each separately, to the hamam where they bathe, sing, and eat until sunset.


One of the most important features of a Syrian wedding is the Arada performance, a traditional musical group that sings, dances, and conducts sword fights during the wedding! Check this video out:



The Dabke is also a very popular dance performance, which the couple and the guests can join in for a fun night of dancing.



The food is one of the best parts of a Syrian wedding; Syrian cuisine is rich with different tastes and textures that will please everyone! Whether it’s a vegetarian dish, a tasty meat dish or a sweet dessert, you will not disappoint your wedding guests with a Syrian food menu.


Looking for a unique way to present your guests with favors? We love these wooden boxes with mother of pearl!


For bold and unique wedding decorations, how about you place a couple of large mirrors also made from aged wood and mother of pearl? You can have them at the entrance or behind the tables.


Looking for a different seating display? We love those Syrian ottomans  and side tables which would look great around the dance floor.