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3 Things to Avoid When You Get Engaged

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3 Things to Avoid When You Get Engaged

We previously advised you on 6 Things to Do Immediately After Getting Engaged, but what about what you SHOULDN’T do?

Here are some common mistakes newly engaged brides make:

Don’t Start Inviting People: You might be excited about the wedding but don’t start inviting people without having an idea what your wedding plans or budget are.

Don’t Give Your Parents The Green Light: We are not saying that you shouldn’t include them in the planning, but some parents can take control over the whole wedding! Talk with your fiancé first, then discuss your options with your parents and give them the tasks that you would like them to do for you.

Don’t Buy the First Wedding Dress You See: Keep your options open, give yourself time and think about what you really want. If you like the first wedding dress you tried on, ask to put it on hold until you see more options and decide on the final dress.