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3 Ways to Involve Your Guests in Your Bridal Shower

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3 Ways to Involve Your Guests in Your Bridal Shower

Every bride wants a fun and unique bridal shower, whether it’s a delicious menu, beautiful cake, or elegant décor, brides are looking for the latest ideas for their bridal showers.

Arab brides are no exception; they too are looking for different ideas for their bridal shower parties to impress their girlfriends and enjoy the last few days as single women.

But how about making it a bit more sentimental for your guests, while making them feel included? Would you like that?

You or your close friends may be creating the overall idea for your bridal shower, think of these ideas we have for you to include your guests in the most creative ways!

Share Recipes:

When you send the ladies their invitation, mention that you would love to get a recipe they love from each one of them!

You can even include a card for them with the invitations to write their special recipe and bring it along with them.

In this way you will not only have a cook book especially made for you, but every recipe will remind you of this special person.

Get Marriage Advice:

Prepare yourself for married life by asking some of your married friends to write their marriage advice and read it in front of your guests.

The Wishing Well:

The "wishing well" is an old bridal shower tradition in the West, where guests bring little household items like kitchen sponges and toothpicks as a way to stock the bride’s home with everything she needs. Try it out!