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4 Tips To Planning Your Wedding Peacefully

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4 Tips To Planning Your Wedding Peacefully

Planning a wedding can get you stressed out no matter how peaceful and calm you try to be, whether it’s your bridesmaids, mother-in-law, or other relatives who are driving you crazy and putting you in stressful situations, we have some tips to help you deal with all that.

Some of your relatives and friends might have good intentions, but they might also have out of control enthusiasm that could get on your nerves.

Here is how you can deal with some sticky situations while planning your wedding:

The Over Excited Mother-in-Law: Your mother-in-law means well, but she also might have very strong and stubborn opinions about how your wedding should be like. So to deal with your over excited and opinionated mother-in-law remember, first of all, that she has good intentions, give her a special project for the wedding to keep her occupied and feel included.

The Chaotic Guest List: This issue is very common especially in the Arab World where big families tend to take over half of the wedding. You only want 200 guests, but your parents are already writing their 400 guest list, is a very common scenario, do you agree?  What do you do then? Try and talk to them and show them that you understand their needs in having all those people, but also explain why you feel this way, and give them a guest limit outside of immediate family.

The Children: Many of your friends and relatives are going to want to bring their children to your wedding. You love their children but it doesn’t mean you want to have 15 kids running around on your wedding day. Make sure you add a note to your invitation that this is an adults only occasion. If there is no other way but to deal with the kids at your wedding, read our article on how to deal with the children at your wedding: "Who Says Having Children at Your Wedding Can’t Be Fun?"

The Nagging Bridesmaid: Your bridesmaid is the person who you love spending time with and trust with major decisions. But did your bridesmaid turn into a maidzilla? She can’t decide on a dress, and is never pleased with the color you choose.  What to do? Have someone else talk to her but not on your behalf; instead they should make it sound like they have noticed her behavior and how they think she should help you out instead of causing you stress. But make sure this person is someone she likes and has a good relationship with.