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A Bachelorette Party for the Crafty Bride

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A Bachelorette Party for the Crafty Bride

If you’re a bride who loves to work with her hands, why not enjoy what you like to do most on your bachelorette party? We have gathered a few ideas for you to pick what suits you best.

Mad Hatter: Let your guests create their own crazy headpieces and hats in your party, so you can all wear them after and take lots of pictures. All you need to do is write a list of everything you need to get for the hat-making process and provide a cool space where your friends can work.

Cupcake Master Class: If you love baking, have your own cupcake class and enjoy the sweet treats with your friends. You can even find a professional baker who can come and help give the class as well.

Cooking: Take your friends to a cooking class where you can enjoy the meal you cooked later on. (For those of you in Jordan, we recommend BeitSitti).

Jewelry: Book yourself and your friends a jewelry making class and enjoy learning how to make your own beautiful pieces.

Makeup Class: Ask a professional makeup artist to come over and give you and your friends makeovers as well as tips and makeup techniques.

Pottery Painting: Take your friends to a pottery class, and let them have fun painting their own mugs, plates and bowls.