Ideas for Bridal Shower Themes

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 Ideas for Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal showers are always a fun event to plan and attend, as they usually consist of the bride's loved and dearest ones. If you are the sister of the bride-to-be, her best friend, or the bridesmaid, you are probably wondering where to hold her bachelorette party and what theme you should have.

Every bride wants to have a unique and beautiful bridal shower, and there are so many easy and simple ideas you can try that will add a unique touch to this special celebration.

One way to have a unique bridal shower party is by choosing a unique and fun theme, like a mermaid bridal shower theme, or a kimono bridal shower theme.

You can also choose a dress code to make your bridal shower more unique, and have lovely pictures later on.

Make your bridal shower more fun with these super fun bridal shower ideas!

You can also choose a unique venue to have your bridal shower party, for example, if you are having a nautical bridal themed shower, you can have it on the beach or near the sea, if you are having a spa-themed bridal shower you can always book the best spa near you.

Include your bridal shower theme in all the details of the party, choose unique centerpieces that show off your bridal shower theme, add a feminine and romantic touch by mixing in some flowers that go with your theme.

A Mermaid Bridal Shower Theme

A mermaid bridal shower theme is fun and magical, think of beautiful ombre colors and under the sea details, including mermaid tails, starfish-shaped cookies.

Use seashells to decorate your tables, get creative with different details inspired by the beach and sea.

A Bohemian Bridal Shower Theme

Are you getting married this Spring or in Summer? If so, then you're probably looking for ideas for your bridal shower party. 

Boho chic party themes have been trending for the past few years, bohemian themes are girlie and feminine and perfect for spring or summer.

A bohemian bridal shower would look amazing if you're planning on having an outdoors bridal shower reception. 

Think of fresh blooms and flowers, wood elements, floral fabrics and dresses. You can mix and match any color you love and suit your style.

A Nautical Bridal Shower Theme

If you love the sea and live in a place where you can easily rent a boat or yacht, then consider taking your girlfriends on a sailing trip for your bridal shower?

Not only will you get a fabulous tan before the wedding, but you will also have a relaxing day away from the hassle of city life.

So if you’re ready to set sail with your friends, start looking for some sailing-themed ideas!

A Kimono Bridal Shower Theme

If you’re looking for a new and creative bridal shower idea, we have a unique idea that will surprise your guests!

How about you challenge your inner Geisha and throw a Kimono Party for your girlfriends?

A Kimono party is elegant, yet fun and creative, have your lady guests dress up in kimonos and put some beautiful Japanese inspired makeup.

Also, don’t forget to serve some delicious Japanese food for your guests to indulge in. If you want to go all out, have a professional chef come to give you a sushi-making class; how cool and fun does this sound?

As for giveaways, think of personalized chopsticks, Japanese fans, or some Japanese-inspired cookies.

A Camping Bridal Shower Theme

How about you and your girlfriends escape for the weekend and go camping?

Even if there are no camping sites nearby, you can camp outside your home if you have a garden. Go for a traditional camping experience, or add a few touches to make it even more special.

Camping is never complete without a fire and marshmallows. Smore’s giveaways can be used at your camping party. Challenge your inner Pocahontas and dance around the campfire. Or simply, go back to your roots with a traditional Bedouin-inspired camping theme.

A Sweets Inspired Bridal Shower

There are so many ways to throw a sweet inspired bridal shower! Consider having a candy buffet at your party, you can also have colorful candies all over your bridal shower, or have something specific like chocolates or marshmallows.

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A Spa Themed Bridal Shower

Who doesn't like to get pampered? Give the ladies in your life the treatment they deserve. Not only is it a great idea which everyone will love, but it is also easy to plan!

You need to book at a spa or hotel, meet with the manager and let them know exactly what you want.

Let your guests know what to expect by sending invitations which state what will be included at the party.

Ask the manager to arrange a yoga class, Jacuzzi, or steam room, to put between treatments like manicures and pedicures, facials, and massages.

Fill pretty baskets or bags with do-it-at-home masks, jars filled with scrub, or anything you want in them. You can even add personalized towels, hand creams, nail polish, scented candles, chocolates, or candy.

Want some really easy DIY scrubs, facials, and more beauty products you can fill the jars with?

You will need to let the manager know that you will want to serve food, so you need to know whether you need to provide the chairs and tables or they will be available at the spa.

Create a small buffet: serve fruits and vegetables nicely arranged with dips.

Canapes, petite fours, and cheese trays are all great for a spa party shower!

You also need to serve juices or punch for refreshments.

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