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Beautiful Wedding Dance Floors You Will Love

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Beautiful Wedding Dance Floors You Will Love

The wedding dance floor is where all the action happens! So make sure it looks amazing so you can have stunning pictures and video later on.

Some couples like to go all out in decorating their wedding dance floors, such as customized flooring, hanging décor, and many other creative ideas.

Many couples tend to overlook their dance floor, but if you add a few details and make a few changes it can really stand out and make your wedding look beautiful.

We have chosen some stunning dance floors to give you some ideas for your wedding.

Check out those unique wedding dance floors we are sure you will love:

XO Dance Floor:

We can’t get over this stunning XO dance floor customized for a fun couple by My Event Design of Jordan. See more pictures of this beautiful event here!


Floral Chandelier:

Check out this luxurious floral chandelier hung above the dance floor, at the wedding of a Jordanian Businessman. Click here to see more pictures of this fancy wedding.


Dance Among The Stars:

This super easy and simple idea of star shaped lights on your dance floor will add a magic touch to your wedding.


Floral Dance Floor:

This luxurious dance floor by Saudi wedding planner Ghadeer Shoor looks like it came out of a fairytale! More pictures of this unique wedding here!


Get Personal:

How elegant does the bride and groom’s initials look printed on the dance floor?


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