Choose the Right Arabic Song for Your Wedding Slideshow

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Choose the Right Arabic Song for Your Wedding Slideshow

Every  Arab girl dreams of the perfect wedding, she imagines every detail, from the dress to the guests.

Arabia Weddings helps you plan your wedding easily with its Wedding Checklist.

The slideshow is an option which many brides and grooms love to have at their wedding, so preparing the slideshow details is a big part of your wedding to dos.

Make some time to choose your slideshow pictures as well as your slideshow song, you can choose a song that reminds you of when you first met or how you feel about each other.

Here are some Arabic Songs we think are great for a wedding slideshow:

Oshaq – Shatha Hassoun

Jann El Hawa – Wael Kfoury

Zghereh El Deni -  Assi Hellani

Sodfeh Ghareebeh – Joseph Attieh

Ayeshni Aktar – Jannat

Ehsas Ghareeb – Ragheb Alama

Ah Ya Leil – Hisham Abbas

Hekayat El Deni – Nancy Ajram

Awal El Hikayat – Elissa

Khabeeni – Mohammad Foad

For more English and Arabic songs click here.

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