Exotic Animals are the New Hot Wedding Trend in 2015

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Exotic Animals are the New Hot Wedding Trend in 2015

Previously shared some ideas on how to include your pets in your wedding, from cats, dogs, to bunnies and horses, but it looks like couples are looking for animals that are a bit more exotic!

Couples want new, creative and bolder ideas to include in their weddings, and if you love animals you will love this trend.

We are seeing couples who are including some pretty wild animal in their weddings like llamas, lions, tigers, even elephants!

So if you’re looking for a “wow” factor an exotic animal will not disappoint you or your guests.



TIP: Make sure you  check all legal issues regarding having an exotic animal at your wedding.

TIP: Exotic animals at weddings can be bold and cool, but it also can be expensive, so if you’re an animal lover who doesn’t want to spend much, then read our article on including your pets in your wedding.