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How to Make Your Bridal Shower Gift Opening Fun

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How to Make Your Bridal Shower Gift Opening Fun

If you want to have a fun bridal shower and include all your guests in it, here are some great gift opening ideas which you and your friends could organize:

  • Set a timer on 5 minutes and start opening your gifts. When the timer dings, the guest whose gift you are holding gets a prize of her own!
  • Attach colored bows on the gifts as the guests arrive. Write down the colors on little slips of paper and toss them in a bowl. Ask a friend to pull one slip to reveal the winning bow color. The givers of the gifts carrying the winning color receive a prize.
  • Ask your friends to send your fiancé a list of questions about him and his relationship with you ahead of time. They should then write the questions out on cards (with his answers) and give one card to each guest. Every guest gets to ask you the question and you can't open that person's gift until you get the answer right.