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Tips for Wedding Planning on a Budget from Arab Wedding Planners

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Tips for Wedding Planning on a Budget from Arab Wedding Planners

Staying updated with the latest wedding trends is easy, (especially when you got Arabia Weddings by your side!) but how easy is it to actually create the perfect wedding, especially when you're on a budget?

Setting a budget for your wedding is very important. It will help you realize what you can and can't afford, without over spending.

Here is what Wedding Planners from Jordan and Lebanon told Living Well Weddings Magazine:

Alain Hadife of Caractere says: "Simplicity is key. A simple, well executed idea can turn into immense success."

Leena Alsulaiman and Zainab Alsalih of Carousel say:" As long as the wedding is uniquely yours and not another "Cookie-Cutter" event, you can add a lot of personal touches that can make it unforgettable, and yes even on a budget."

Alissar says: "Every wedding regardless of its budget is unforgettable. What matters is the general ambiance of the wedding…There are no rules to how a couple should spend during the planning process, every couple is different and has their own taste and needs. Some want more flowers and some want less…it's all about your personal preferences."

Alia Zubian and Suzan Mango of Celebrations say: "It's all about good taste and the ability to organize things skillfully."

Marwan Zabaneh of Orchids says: "You can have a truly wonderful wedding celebration by using simple designs and lots of creativity. Choosing a standing cocktail reception with canapés and champagne helps cut the cost, so you can concentrate on the music and lights."

Amjad Marar and Ibrahim Sweiss of Triad say:" It really depends on getting the right elements for the specific wedding. You can have a simple but elegant wedding on a budget."