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Wedding Stationery Trends for 2023 By Ananya Cards

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Wedding Stationery Trends for 2023 By Ananya Cards

As we reach the end of the year, wedding professionals and couples all over the world are preparing for all the exquisite celebrations that 2023 will bring. And as we are excited to see what trends come in and out of the industry, we asked Vaishali Shah, Founder of Ananya Cards, to share with us her predictions for 2023 wedding stationery. 

Ananya adores creating bespoke, sophisticated, expressive stationery that tell the story of couples’ cultural and family backgrounds. One of their favourite creative experiments is to think ahead to all the new and revisited trends that we'll see in the next 12 months. 

For next year, these are the topics and conversations that Ananya Cards predict seeing, as far as wedding invitations and wedding stationery are concerned:

Ananya Cards - Personalisation of DetailsAnanya Cards - Personalisation of Details

Personalisation of Details

We continue to see customisation and personalisation reign supreme when it comes to couple’s wedding stationery.

We love the way our clients ask us to think outside the box to incorporate important details of their love story.

We also adore finding ways to tease their venue choices, decor, and wedding day styling into the invitations, so that guests can have a seamless and elevated experience from the very first moment, and every step of the way.

Ananya Cards - Representation of Cultures Ananya Cards - Representation of Cultures

Representation of Cultures

Very closely related to the topic above is that of letting cultural and family backgrounds shine through the stationery and paying homage to the legacy that couples are so proud to continue.

More than ever before, weddings are all about bringing families together, and we adore that so many of our clients share their histories with us, so we can get to know them, and weave their own unique heritage and values into the d

esign of their stationery. This isn’t just about colours and patterns: it’s about the words themselves, the texture and scent of the paper, and even the choice of traditional and artisanal printing methods.  

Ananya Cards - Sustainability and Mindfulness

Sustainability and Mindfulness

We are delighted to see that eco-conscious printing and products continue to be at the forefront of couple’s stationery priorities, and we’re certain this trend will be renewed for 2023 and beyond.

The post-pandemic world has seen a lot of nearlyweds and wedding professionals looking at marriage with fresh eyes and opting for mindful designs that tell a story. We’re seeing a lot of beautiful combinations of sophisticated and minimal typography with hand-torn edges, gilded details, and wax seals, for example.

Couples want to have personal connections with the artisans creating their stationery, with the small-business printers bringing them to life, and the artists crafting those embellishments that tie it all together.

Ananya Cards - Bespoke Illustrations

Bespoke Illustrations

Hand illustrations continue to be a favourite, and we are sure this will stand out as another key trend for 2023. Couples love to incorporate illustrations of their venue, of their own portrait, their pets, or their favourite motifs within their stationery – and create a group of graphics that can be re-used throughout the wedding decor.

Those same illustrations can make their appearance again on the day on the signage, napkins, table numbers, bar menus, orders of service, and much more.

Ananya Cards - Enhanced Guest ExperienceAnanya Cards - Enhanced Guest Experience

Enhanced Guest Experience

A lot of couples are choosing to explore ways to broaden their wedding stationery suite into bespoke gifting, videos, and tactile multi-media elements that guests can experience in multiple locations and at various touchpoints along the way. We are talking to our clients about concept-based stationery, which takes a central theme or narrative and explores it through all the different senses.

This might mean coordinating stationery with animated websites, bespoke scents such as scented keepsake paper flowers, curated playlists, and bespoke guest gifting before and during the wedding itself.

Ananya Cards - The Colours and Textures of the YearAnanya Cards - The Colours and Textures of the YearAnanya Cards - The Colours and Textures of the YearAnanya Cards - The Colours and Textures of the Year

The Colours and Textures of the Year

The frothy, feathery, sheer, and ruffled trends in the fashion sphere have been trickling into wedding decor – alongside a passion for deep greens, purples, shades of teal, and rusty, burnt orange hues. Several of our couples are choosing to infuse their decor with a bold pop of colour, and livening up muted, nude tones with more vibrant accents.

Next year promises to be a joyous, busy season of celebrations, and here at Ananya we cannot wait to see how and where our couples will choose to marry. With weddings back in full swing, we know that there is so much love and togetherness to come, and that’s the most important trend of all.

Please contact Vaishali Shah at Ananya for more information.

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