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Dealing with Sound Restrictions at Wedding Venues

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Dealing with Sound Restrictions at Wedding Venues

Many venues have music or sound restrictions, particularly at outdoor venues, which can ruin the whole wedding if you don’t know exactly how to deal with them.

Here is what you need to do:

Ask About the Policy:  Make sure you ask your venue about their sound restrictions. In some cases the city itself imposes sound restrictions on hotels and other outdoor venues to protect the neighborhoods from late night noise pollution.

Ask for Permission: Ask your venue if they could extend the time of the sound restrictions for an hour or 2, and if this will cost you extra. In some cases, venues have indoor halls where guests can move to at no additional cost.

The After Party: If you can’t extend the sound restriction time, then ask if you can switch to non-amplified music, this way you and your guests can still stay in the venue to dance and chat.