What to Do With Your Wedding Leftovers

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What to Do With Your Wedding Leftovers

When a bride and groom start planning their wedding, they start off by setting a wedding budget and planning a wedding can cost you a lot of money and effort, and chances are you might feel really bad for throwing out a lot of things that you paid for just to use them for that one night.

Brides these days have become more and more aware of having green weddings, eco-friendly weddings, and minimal waste weddings, this is why we are seeing more brides coming up with ideas to reuse their wedding details and not let anything go to waste.

But we have some solutions for you to help you deal with your wedding leftovers!


Leftover Food

The best thing you can do with your leftover food, cake and dessert are to give them to charity. So please talk to your hotel, banquet hall or caterer to ensure that untouched leftover food could be packed and sent to a charity. Thinking outside the box, you can also use leftovers as your wedding favors! Personalize boxes with tissue paper, thank you notes, stickers or ribbons, and present uneaten cake and dessert in tidy packages to your guests.

Wedding Flowers and Bouquet

The most popular thing brides worry about after their wedding is how to make the best out of their wedding flowers, centerpieces, and bouquet. Read our article on “How to preserver your wedding bouquet” and “What to do with your wedding flowers” for some great ideas that will help you minimize the waste.

Wedding Invitations

If you don’t know what to with those extra invitations or place cards, cut off the motif, monogram, or any printing on them, to make mini gift tags that you can use whenever you need one!

Wedding Dress

Aside from renting, selling, or even storing your wedding dress (perhaps for your daughter one day) read "Preserving Your Wedding Dress". You can also ask a seamstress to alter it and transform it into a beautiful cocktail dress that you can wear over and over again.

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