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How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

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How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Your bouquet is a very important keepsake to keep as a memento from your wedding. Some brides decide to simply dry their bouquet, but with time the petals might dry and your bouquet will fall apart.

We have compiled simple and easy ways to preserve your bouquet:

#1 Frame it: Press a few blooms from your bouquet in a frame. You can also add a picture of you at your wedding, or even other keepsakes all in the same frame, such as the invitation or a napkin.


#2 Silica gel: Silica gel drying and freeze-drying, which are done by professionals, save the natural three-dimensional shape of the flowers. The bouquet is then sealed inside a glass container like a shadow box or a glass dome.


#3 Pendant and bracelet: A flower from your bouquet can be set into a pendant, the flowers are dried and then set in resin to mold and then brought together with sterling silver to create the piece.


#4 Ornament: Create a wedding memory you can use as an ornament, all you have to do is fill your petals in a glass ornament, and tie it.