Your Chocolate Wedding

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Your Chocolate Wedding

Are you or your fiancé chocoholics? Then a chocolate wedding theme is perfect for you.

You rarely see people who don't like chocolate, so this theme will please everyone. Don’t hesitate to include chocolate in every detail of your wedding, and for more variety, mix and match with different chocolate flavors, white, dark, hazelnut, even chocolates with fruits.

Color schemes are always important, so if you don’t want to end up with a chocolate-colored wedding in shades of brown, add a lighter color to create a pretty combo. Pink and brown or gold and brown for instance are cute together; remember any color goes with chocolate.

And remember that you can add chocolate to your centerpieces as well, you can also include chocolate in your wedding invitation…literally! You can send a box of chocolate with your invitation or print the invitation on the wrapper. No invitation will be sweeter than this one.

Your wedding guests will love to have a sweet treat at the end of the wedding, so chocolate wedding favors are a great idea! For something unique, you can choose chocolate scented candles.

Take a look at these chocolate ideas to include at your wedding,