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Your Guide to The Perfect Nails For Your Wedding

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Your Guide to The Perfect Nails For Your Wedding

Got that beautiful ring you always wished for? Then make it even more beautiful by taking good care of your hands and nails for your big day.

We always advise brides-to-be to start looking after their skin, hair, and nails before their wedding day to make sure they feel and look their best.

As for your nails, cold weather, central heating, and lack of exercise leave your nails brittle and dry.

Don’t neglect your nails as they complete your look like a bride and they are very important for gorgeous wedding photos. 

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Here are a few tips that you should follow for healthy, beautiful nails.

Soft Hands

Soft Hands

  • For soft and smooth hands, try mixing lemon juice and rose water and applying them on your hands for a couple of minutes before washing them. Lemon juice will lighten up any dark spots on your knuckles or yellow stains on your nails and rose water will help moisturize your hands. 
  • Another way to achieve soft hands is by massaging them with olive oil, which softens the dry areas around your nails where cuticles are formed.
Healthy Nails

Treat Your Nails

  • If you have damaged nails or have a bad habit of biting them, then you must start treating them as soon as possible. Experts by Sally Hansen explain "if your nails are in bad condition, severely damaged or bitten, you should start treating them 4 to 6 months in advance of your wedding day." 
  • Some brides decide to put on artificial nails on their wedding day, there is nothing wrong with that as long as they are not too long and look natural.
Nail Polish

Try Some Colors

If you have some time before deciding on which color and shade you want to wear for your wedding, try applying the color you want and trying it on with your dress to see if you like how it looks against the fabric, but be careful not to ruin your dress by making sure your nail polish is completely dry.

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Bridal Nails

Keep in Mind

  • The best timing to do your nails for your wedding is the night before. Do them as late as possible to prevent any accidents happening on your big day.
  • Try not to get your nails wet with hot water as this might make the color peel sooner than expected. You need your nail color to last for a few days during your honeymoon. 
Healthy Nails

Healthy Nails

You must follow a healthy diet in order to have strong and healthy nails. Add more fruits, vegetables, and dairy products to your diet; basically, anything that has Vitamin A, B12, and Calcium is good for healthy nails.

Here are some vitamins that are great for your nails' health and growth:

  • Vitamin B12: Not only will it make your nails stronger, but it will also stop them from growing in a curved shape.
  • Vitamin E or H: If you have fragile nails and they are always breaking or pealing, vitamin E or H will help you grow stronger and thicker nails.
  • Folic Acid: If you suffer from colored spots or discoloration in your nails, folic acid will help fight it.
  • Iron: Iron will help fight white spots in your nails, it will also help you grow stronger nails.

TIP: If you are worried about taking extra vitamins, make sure you ask your doctor if he/she approves.


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