The Perfect Nail Color for Your Skin Tone

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The Perfect Nail Color for Your Skin Tone

Most brides pick “French manicure” for their nails on their wedding day, whites or neutrals. 

We don’t blame them; these shades are elegant and sophisticated for a bridal look. But why don’t you check what is the best nail color for your skin tone and wear it on your wedding day?

To find the most suitable nail polish for your skin tone first you have to identify your skin tone, if it is light, fair, bronze, or dark, and then you can choose your nail polish color. Find our the best nail polish color for your skin tone right here.

Nail Polish Colors

Nail Polish for Brides with Darker Skin Tones

Contrary to popular belief, however, a bride with tanned or darker skin tones does not necessarily have to use light nail polish colors, but they can also choose dark or deep colored nail polish that have some shine to them. 

Bright and bold colors are also beautiful for darker skin or tanned skin, like fuchsia, orange, and red.

Fair Skin Tone

Nail Polish for Brides with Medium to Fair Skin Tones

Most nail polish colors suit this skin tone, but colors such as pink, peach, and nudes are particularly beautiful on this skin tone.

For a bolder look go for deep and dark red hues, as well as metallics such as gold and silver.

Light Skin Nail Polish

Nail Polish for Brides with Light Skin Tones

If you are a bride with light skin then we advise you to go for pink and blush colors, pastels such as light green or light blue look very nice on light skin tones.

For those who love darker colors, consider dark red shades, but stay away from black nail polish as it may make your skin look pale.

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