3 Tips to Help You Choose Your Wedding Colors

3 Tips to Help You Choose Your Wedding Colors

Choosing your wedding colors can be confusing, but what if we told you that we have some tips from the expert in the weddings industry himself, David Tutera?

David Tutera explains how to make the process of choosing your wedding colors easier.

Here are his 3 key guiding points to follow:

  • Make it Personal:  White and light shades are classic and timeless, but if you want something different, why not choose your favorite colors, and work from there?


  • Make it Meaningful: Choose a color that has some meaning to you.

David asks, “what do certain colors mean to each of you? (The pink of the peonies in your mom’s spring garden? The blue of the summer sky at the beach?)”. He adds, “Now purchase inexpensive paints, brushes and paper and start splattering. Be a little crazy, a little Jackson Pollock! Or pick up paint chips at your local home improvement store, and play with different combinations. You might be surprised by what you both like” says David Tutera.

  • Stand Out:  David Tutera tries to avoid color schemes that are too predictable. For example, a fall wedding that’s orange and brown makes him think of Halloween and pumpkins. "Harvest" colors are too clichéd; so you don’t want your wedding to be too "themey".  Instead, David suggests that you consider taupe or burgundy with copper and a hint of lavender.


As for spring, colors are usually all about pastels, so David suggests that you change it up a bit by adding deep splashes of plum or coral.


For summer, David recommends that you go for bold yellows, purples, reds and blues. Or select different shades of a color: Coral, salmon and a deep burnt orange would be stunning, believes David.


For a winter wedding, David says that an all-white wedding is gorgeous, but that you could add a splash of lavender for warmth. Or go for a metallic color like pewter, silver, copper, bronze or gold, for depth and richness.