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Enjoy a unique celebration at the lowest point on earth by the shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan. 

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Are you getting married at the Dead Sea and looking for a wedding venue? Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but with Arabia Weddings, brides don’t have to worry about a thing.

There are several deluxe hotels and resorts nestled on the shores of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, with a short distance from some of the main attractions of Jordan including Mount Nebo, The Baptism Site, Mujib Reserve and more. Petra can also be visited from the Dead Sea, it takes 

Most hotels have direct access to the Dead Sea beachfront, making it fantastic for you and your wedding guests to enjoy a swim. The spa facilities of the hotels listed in this directory are exquisite. Getting to these hotels is easy as they are just about 30 to 45 minutes away from Queen Alia International Airport, Amman. 

All Dead Sea Hotels are fabulous for destination weddings in Jordan. Whether it's the beautiful outdoor facilities, gardens, terraces and restaurants overlooking the pristine blue waters of the Dead Sea, or the high quality service, catering, location.... you and your wedding guests are bound to have a wedding of a lifetime. See: Top 5 Dead Sea Hotels for a Beautiful Wedding in Jordan

You can pick one hotel at the Dead Sea to host your events at, or spread your functions (e.g. welcome reception, dinner, pool party... ) across several adjacent hotels. 

Take a look at these beautiful outdoor weddings held at the Dead Sea: 

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How is the weather like at the Dead Sea? 

The Dead Sea has a hot desert climate with year-round sunny skies, dry air and hardly any rainfall (less than 50 millimetres a year). The average temperature in summer is between 32°C and 39 °C, and in winter the temperatures range between 20°C and 23 °C . The best months to hold an outdoor wedding at the Dead Sea is from mid March to end May, and from mid September to mid December. 

Browse through the wedding directory for Dead Sea Hotels & Resorts to find the wedding venue that best suits your needs.  Make sure to contact the Featured hotels first by clicking on "" or by ringing any of the companies listed in this directory.