Video: Bride Struggles to Stay Conscious

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Video: Bride Struggles to Stay Conscious
Sat 23-05-2015

One bride succumbed to the embarrassing phenomenon of fainting at weddings and was caught on camera wilting to the floor in her elegant white dress.

However, the wedding, which is believed to have taken place in Wisconsin, was saved when the pastor kept the ceremony going with all the participants seated on the floor.

The bride told the pastor and her husband that she was 'going to pass out' before dipping down to the floor

As the minister reads a Bible story about animal sacrifice, bride Shauna Perkins tells him and her future husband Stephen Perkins that she's 'going to pass out'. 

The groom, who according to the video actually married his wife in November 2008, is seen supporting her as she stands at the altar not knowing how to combat her lightheadedness, according to AOL.

The pastor tried to continue the ceremony, though the young woman later brings herself down to the floor and said 'I knew something like this was going to happen'.

Her and her soon-to-be husband's officiant blamed the incident on his reading about circumcision and blood.


A stool was brought for the fainting bride, though she ultimately felt more comfortable on the floor than the wooden chair

"I'm not afraid of him, it's just too much excitement," she said.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen assembled along the side of the altar all joined their friends on the floor, kneeling or genuflecting. 

Sitting on the ground, the couple looked at each other and smiled as the pastor read about overcoming 'adversity' during their marriage.

Source: Daily Mail