10 Stunning Wedding Cakes for Summer

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8 Stunning Wedding Cakes For Summer

We love to keep an eye on the latest wedding cake ideas and trends to provide inspiration and advice to our dear brides and grooms-to-be. 

Now that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, we need inspiration for those fresh wedding cakes for summer that brides will be looking for. 

Wedding trends change with the seasons as does fashion; floral motifs and designs are generally associated with spring, and bright and fresh designs scream summer for sure, there are plenty of summer wedding cake designs we have for you.

If you are getting married in the summer, how about we give you some super pretty inspiration on wedding cake ideas for summer

But first let's help you choose the perfect summer wedding cake flavors! From light and fruity to decadently tropical, the options are endless. Imagine sinking your teeth into a luscious lemon cake, its zesty tang complemented by a delicate vanilla buttercream. Alternatively, a tantalizing combination of fresh berries layered between a fluffy vanilla sponge and adorned with a light whipped cream frosting offers a burst of fruity goodness.

These summer wedding cake flavors not only satisfy the sweet tooth but also add a vibrant and summery touch to the celebration.

Now it is time to choose your summer wedding cake, these summer wedding cakes are so pretty that you will not be able to choose just one!

Check out these 10 Stunning Wedding Cakes for summer:


Flower Wedding CakeFlower Wedding Cake 1Flower Wedding Cake 2

Summer Blooms

Flowers are not only for spring wedding cakes, choose beautiful and colorful flowers to decorate your wedding cake this summer.

Geometric Wedding CakeGeometric Wedding Cake 1

Geometric Shapes

Geometric wedding cakes are not only modern and trendy, but they are also super fun and different from the traditional wedding cakes we always see.

When these wedding cakes are in shades of blue, they are definitely suitable for summer weddings, particularly beach weddings.  

Tropical Wedding CakeTropical Wedding Cake 1Tropical Wedding Cake 2

Tropical Vibes

Tropical wedding cakes are perfect for summer and outdoor weddings, they can be decorated with tropical flowers, tropical fruits, and green palm leaves. The tropical paradise look ahs been trending for some time, and is here to stay for awhile. For the ultimate tropical wedding cake, make sure your wedding cake has fruits on the inside as well, with flavors such as pineapples or coconuts

Naked Wedding CakesNaked Wedding Cakes 1

Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked wedding cakes are perfect for every season, but they are simply perfect for an outdoor carefree summer wedding. Click here to see more ideas on naked and semi-naked wedding cakes.

Stripes and FlowersStripes and Flowers 1Stripes and Flowers 2

Striped and Floral

For fun and very unique wedding cake for summer, consider mixing and matching patterns. We love striped wedding cakes with some beautiful colorful flowers. How fresh are these? 

Ruffle and Bows CakeRuffle and Bows Cake 1

Ruffles and Bows

For the bride who is looking for the ultimate feminine and romantic wedding cake for summer, a combination of ruffles and bows is what you are looking for.

hand painted wedding cakeshand painted wedding cakes 1hand painted wedding cakes 2

Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Hand-painted wedding cakes are artistic and unique and your wedding guests will love taking selfies with your wedding cake! Pick watercolor designs that you like and show them to your wedding cake baker for inspiration. 

Glitter CakesGlitter Wedding CakesSequins Wedding Cake

Sequins and Glitter

Sequins and glitter are perfect decorations for a summer wedding cake, they add some sparkle and shine and go with almost every wedding theme.

For more ideas on glitter, wedding cakes click here!

Single Serving Wedding CakesSingle Serving Wedding Cakes

Single Serving Wedding Cakes

If you love cake but you are over the traditional tiered wedding cakes that are so often served at weddings, then single-serving wedding cakes are for you.

These pretty cakes allow each and every one of your guests to enjoy a pretty and delicious work of art.


Square Wedding CakeSquare Wedding Cake 1Square Wedding Cake 2

Square Tiers

Another twist to the traditional wedding cake is square wedding cakes instead of round. Squared tiered wedding cakes are perfect with their 90-degree angles. Wedding cakes with square layers are unique and eye-catching.

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