30 Creative Non Floral Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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30 Creative Non Floral Wedding Bouquet Ideas

A bride's bouquet adds a touch of elegance to any bridal look, this is why brides are always looking for the most beautiful and unique wedding bouquet ideas other than the traditional bridal bouquets.

And over the past few years, we have been seeing some different and out of the box ideas when it comes to wedding bouquets for brides. So if you are looking for unusual or simple ideas, there are so many ideas that you might like, don't worry about spending a little more to get the unique bridal bouquet you want and suits your style, you also need to get creative and use your artistic talents if you have any.

There are plenty of great alternatives that you can use instead of natural and even artificial flowers, such as fabrics, paper, brooches, ribbons, and even buttons. Designing your own bouquet will give you the opportunity to express your personality. But if you don't have the time or skills, you can definitely ask one of your friends or professionals. All you have to do is to unleash your personality and creativity to provide them with ideas that you like.

Bridal bouquets can be created with many different materials, such as wool, crochet, fabrics, strings, and many other options and colors. You just have to make sure that the details of the bouquet are of the same color to give you a consistent look. Do not forget that your bridal bouquet should go well with your wedding dress, both in terms of the wedding dress design and embellishments. 

One of the options available are bridal bouquets that are made out of paper, such as origami flowers, you can learn to make paper flowers through the internet or bookstores.

If you want an innovative, modern and unconventional idea, what do you think of a bridal bouquet made out of brooches or buttons? This idea is a great way to add colorful touches to your look as a bride. You can also replace the bouquet as a whole and use a fan for your summer wedding.

For your autumn wedding, you can replace natural flowers with dried flowers, they can be arranged in a very creative and elaborate way. Do not forget that burlap is also a low-cost material that can be used in wedding decorations and bridal bouquets.

If you are a fan of reading, we recommend you make a bouquet out of old book papers, showing your love for reading and you can keep it forever, especially as it will not be damaged. At the same time, this idea may be difficult to implement if you are celebrating your wedding in the winter.

We are all about using real flowers, but sometimes real flowers can be pretty expensive especially imported ones.

What else can you use instead of flowers for your bouquet? Anything you want! There are so many choices and alternatives to real flowers, such as fabric, paper, old brooches, ribbons, and even buttons!

Doing your own bouquet will not only give you a chance to express your personality and stand out, but you will also feel connected to it, and cherish your bouquet forever or someday you will pass it on to your daughter or a loved one.

To help you choose a unique bridal bouquet for a beautiful look at your wedding, we have gathered some ideas that we love so you can take a look before making a final decision on the bridal bouquet you choose.