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Bridal Bouquets for The Minimal Bride

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Bridal Bouquets for The Minimal Bride

Small wedding bouquets are practical and minimal perfect for the bride who wants a simple bridal look. and this style of bridal bouquets has been trending lately and it seems that minimal bridal bouquets will be taking over in 2020.

For brides who are having a more casual wedding or want a simple wedding flower arrangement, small wedding bouquets are pretty and practical at the same time.

Small or minimal bridal bouquets are easy to carry as they are not as heavy as normal or bigger-sized bouquets. 

If you’re looking to leave the wild and free bridal bouquet trend and consider the modern and minimal trend, then you are a bride who is looking for a sleek and elegant bridal bouquet, a bridal bouquet that will compliment your wedding dress and bridal look and not cover it.

Do you know what else is great about minimal bridal bouquets? They are more affordable and can save you some money rather than spending it on a bigger or elaborate bouquet.

And remember that just because you are going for a minimal bridal bouquet doesn't mean your bouquet will not be as beautiful or breathtaking as other bridal bouquets.

These minimal and modern bridal bouquets are contemporary and classic at the same time, they are timeless and elegant and perfect for intimate weddings. 

We know it is not easy to pick a bridal bouquet design, but with some inspiration and ideas, you can definitely find the perfect minimal bridal bouquet to select.

To help you choose the most beautiful petite bridal bouquet, we picked some of our favorites for you to check out.