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8 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Flowers

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8 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Flowers

Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding, which means having the perfect wedding decor, setup, and flowers.

Flowers are a very important part of every wedding or celebration, and this is why brides who are planning their wedding are always looking for ideas and inspiration, also working closely with their wedding planners or florists to make sure they get the exact idea they want for their big day.

We previously shared some of the latest wedding flower trends in 2020 for you to check out here!

But to make sure you have the perfect wedding flowers, we have some great tips for you to check out and keep in mind while planning your wedding:

Wedding Flowers

Gather Ideas

Collect pictures of bridal bouquets and centerpieces from the Internet or from bridal magazines and choose your color scheme, if you haven’t done so already. Select 3 or 4 florists using our directory and meet with them to discuss your preferences. Seek their guidance and advice, and tell them what you have in mind.

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List Your Requirements

Decide how many flower arrangements you need in total and where you need them. Typically you will need bouquets for the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls, the church (for Christian weddings); centerpieces at the reception, the seating area for the bride and groom at the reception; the car and other smaller requirements. Use a common theme across all your flower arrangements.

wedding flowers tips

Set Your Budget

Decide how much you can afford to spend on flowers and stick to it. Select your florist accordingly. Make sure you put everything you agreed on in writing.

wedding flower tips

Control Your Budget

To keep your flower budget under control, choose flowers that are in season or locally grown. You can also replace flowers in centerpieces with fresh fruits and vegetables or mix them with candles. The use of greenery, foliage and branches can stretch your budget. This also adds a more creative element to traditional centerpieces, which you may want to break away from.

wedding centerpieces

Delivery and Timing

Agree on the delivery schedule with the florist and inform the wedding venue. Make sure the flowers arrive fresh and are not put aside in the sun. Ask the florist or a friend to go around before the wedding reception to remove any damaged flowers or leaves.

wedding centerpieces

Your Centerpieces

Make sure your guests at the wedding reception are able to see each other across the table; the centerpiece should either be above or below eye level. Don’t use flowers that are strongly scented as you or your guests just might spend the evening sneezing!

bridal bouquet

Your Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet has to match your wedding and color scheme. Decide if you want a large bouquet with many different flowers and greenery or a simple bouquet of one flower or maybe a group of the same flower? Normally the length of the bouquet is proportional to the length of your wedding gown or train. If you're keeping bouquets in vases of water to maintain freshness before you use them, don't forget to dry the stems thoroughly before you hold your bouquet.

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Think of The Environment

Be environmentally conscious. If the centerpieces at your wedding don’t have to go back to the florist, offer them to a shelter, hospital or other institutions.

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