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The Best Sweets Shops in Sharjah

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The Best Sweets Shops in Sharjah

With all the changing trends at weddings, desserts are always a very important detail at every wedding! No wedding is complete without some delicious sweet treats.

The UAE is filled with different nationalities and cultures, which makes it an amazing place to find different sweets shops and catering companies that offer a wide variety of desserts for your wedding.

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If you want some delicious desserts to go with your wedding cake, there are some amazing places in Sharjah that make the best sweets. For some ideas and tips on having sweets at your wedding click here!

To help you out, we bring you the best sweets shops located in Sharjah for your wedding.

Samadi Cafe & Sweets Shop

Samadi Cafe & Sweets Shop

Al Samadi Sweets was originally established in Lebanon in 1872. Being famous for its delightful taste and freshness, Al Samadi Sweets not only, soon became the number one household name in Lebanese and Arabic sweets, but also for its French Cakes and Pastries, Coffee, and ice creams. Al Samadi Sweets have a mystical blend of tradition and pure high-quality ingredients, prepared under the watchful and skillful master chefs.

Al Samadi Sweets constantly delights every customer with the warm reminiscence of traditional Lebanese and Arabic sweets. From its roots in Lebanon, Al Samadi Sweets today also has its branches in Ukraine, the UK, and the UAE. Al Samadi Sweets, in the UAE, have their outlets in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Al Ain, and offers a wide range in traditional Lebanese and Arabic sweets, cakes and pastries, and coffee and juices. 

Sallora Sweets

Sallora Sweets

Sallora Sweets offers all kinds of delicious sweets from kunafa, atayef, to different Arabic juices and ice creams, they also offer amazing breakfast and lunch meals.

Nabil Nafeesa Sweets

Nabeel Nafisah Sweets

Nabeel Nafisah sweets company is a family-owned and operated company, specializing in authentic Syrian and Arabic Sweets, as we all know Damascus is the oldest populated city in the earth, this where Nabeel Nafisah sweets were established, expanded, and recognized Globally in its unique taste. 

12 branches were opened in Syria alone and for the increasing requirement internationally. In 2013 Nabeel Nafisah sweets opened up a state of the art factory in the United Arab Emirates with retail showrooms also as a gate to the greater Middle East countries, Europe, and the USA.

Best Mix Sweets

Best Mix Sweets

An ancient name in the world of luxury desserts especially selected to suit the people of high taste. They present delicious varieties of sweets made from the finest and the best types of ingredients.

AlSultan Sweets

Al Sultan Sweets

Al Sultan Sweets was established in Damascus, Syria in 1997. Specializing in the production of Oriental and Arabic sweets and pastries of various products range.

Their success has allowed them to establish a strong awareness in the UAE Arabic sweets and pastry market through 9 branches located in different cities of the UAE.Further our headquarter is located in Dubai which allows us to operate all branches easily. 

Al Aker Sweets

Al Aker Nabulsi Sweets

One of the most popular sweets shops in Sharjah, they offer a wide variety of Arabic sweets, located on Al Taawon Street.

Lareen Sweets

Lareen Sweets

Lareen specializes in delicious sweets and cakes for all your occasions, as well as a variety of Arabic sweets and biscuits.

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