Beautiful Bridal Nails

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Beautiful Bridal Nails

Although nail polish is one of the small details that complete a bride's bride's look, it is one of the touches that no bride can overlook on her wedding day, so brides are always looking for the most beautiful bridal nail designs and colors to complete their bridal look.

After you have chosen your wedding dress and chose the right bridal hairstyle and bridal makeup, it is now time to choose the right bridal nail colors for the season in which you will celebrate your wedding.

We previously shared some of the best tips to take care of your nails and get beautiful and healthy bridal nails.

Many brides choose a white color, pink, or French for their wedding nails, but this doesn't mean you can't wear a trending color, or even change the shape of your nails. For example, you can choose almond-shaped nails, and colors such as nude, or pastels.

No matter what the shape or color you have in mind for your nails just make sure it goes with your bridal look, some brides even choose different patterns or designs drawn on their nails for a very unique look.

Here we bring you some of the best nail tips and trends for you to have the perfect bridal nails on your big day.

Nail Shapes

The Perfect Nail Shape

Some brides think that the only decision they have to do is pick a color, but she also has to choose the shape of her nails, which will play a great role in how her hands and fingers will look. Whether you choose long or short nails make sure you choose the right shape and length that suits you.

  • Almond Shaped Nails: Almond-shaped nails look elegant and romantic and they are not as edgy as pointy or squared nails. This shape can make your fingers look slimmer too.
  • Oval Shaped Nails: This shape will make your fingers look longer, so if you have short fingers this shape is a beautiful choice for you.
  • Round Shaped Nails: For the bride who wants something elegant and simple round shaped nails are perfect for you.
  • Square Shaped Nails: For the practical bride, this shape won't break as easy as other shapes and it is the most popular shape among brides
French Manicure

French Bridal Manicure

One of the most popular bridal manicures is the french manicure! This manicure suits all kinds and types of nails and is perfect for the bride on her wedding day.

French manicure has been popular among brides for years and is considered to be a classic manicure that never goes out of style.

French manicures can come in different colors from white, nude, to blush, you can choose any color that suits you.

For more french manicure ideas click here!

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