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Beautiful Winter Honeymoon Destinations

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Beautiful Winter Honeymoon Destinations

If your wedding is in the winter and you prefer spending you honeymoon in a warm destination, then this article is for you!

You may be thinking of sunny hot beach vibes and warm summer nights, but you should also take a moment to consider the cool places (pun intended!) you two love birds can go to as well during the winter season. 

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Choosing the best warm winter honeymoon destination depends on your individual preferences, budget, and desired activities.

Warm destinations in December and other months in the winter season include the Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia... and others in the Far East. 

Here are some top picks for warm destinations in winter:



If you love chilly weather, then all you need to do is pack your skis and head to the Andes Mountains in Chile for an action-packed honeymoon. May we suggest The Valle Nevado Ski Resort, one of several hotels that offer an extravagant ski experience in the Southern Hemisphere?

This destination can give you a combination of fun activities and relaxed quality time, together with amazing restaurants, lounges, and spas.



Hawaii is known to have excellent weather all year, but winter has a few extra perks. Be sure to check out the amazing viewing spots, including the protected Auau Channel (between Lanai and Maui) and the warm shallows off Maui’s west coast.

Surf season starts in late October and runs through March so you’ll find a lot of beach action and fun activities taking place around that time.

Quebec City


Quebec offers honeymooners both cosmopolitan flavor and lots of winter fun. Auberge Le Vincent is one of our favorite places to stay, a cozy yet modern inn with luxury facilities like flat-screen TVs, goose-down duvets, and 400 thread-count sheets.

It only has 10 rooms, which offers honeymooners privacy as well as exquisite personalized service. Enjoy the pampering, then head out to a fun day at the Valcartier Vacation Village, a lovely winter playground.



It’s not exactly the first name that pops into your mind when you’re thinking honeymoon or winter fun, right? But Japan is actually very well known for its Niseko-Annupuri Mountains.

Niseko, a world-renowned ski town, is home to the Niseko Kogan Hotel, a ski resort with beautiful décor and amazing facilities, including 59 rooms, a variety of restaurants, and shops.



A winter wedding at home means a summer honeymoon in Buenos Aires. This magical place has something for every honeymooner to fall in love with, from the painted houses and street performers in rough-and-tumble La Boca to the artsy Retiro and the downtown’s monument-studded avenues. You must pencil in a day of shopping at Palermo (known for leather goods), then tango dancing.

The traditional dinner in Argentina is Parilla (barbecue) with grilled meats like sirloin steak, sausages, and chicken, so be sure to try that!

Adler mountainst MoritzChateaux RosengartenSki Honeymoon

Luxurious Ski Destinations

If you are a fan of ice skiing, wish to learn a new sport, or simply adore winter and snow, we have some enchanting honeymoon destinations that you will surely love! You can't find anything more romantic in this life than a winter honeymoon—sitting together in front of the fireplace with the white snow covering everything around you. And best of all, staying in a luxurious hotel!

Here are some luxurious skiing destinations for a winter honeymoon:

1. Chamonix, Val d'Isere, Courchevel, France

2. St. Moritz, Verbier, Zermatt, Switzerland

3. Lech, Kitzbühel, Austria

4. The Dolomites, Italy


East Asian Countries

Here are some of the prominent tourist destinations located in East Asia, known for their suitable climates during the winter season:

Thailand: Situated in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a distinctive tourist destination with fascinating diversity in its attractions. It boasts silky sandy beaches surrounded by dense rainforests, vibrant, dynamic cities filled with stylish bars and restaurants, and bustling markets full of arts, crafts, and diverse and delicious food. Thailand also has secluded islands that offer a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

Malaysia: Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia features intriguing and diverse wildlife, serene poetic islands, towering mountains, and lush rainforests, making it one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Asia.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong offers a fantastic tourist experience, blending distinctive Eastern and Western cultures with historical attractions. Its friendly and welcoming locals often speak English widely throughout the city. Hong Kong boasts excellent transportation infrastructure, making it easy for tourists to explore various attractions and landmarks. It is renowned as a global shopping city, with popular local markets and international shopping destinations.



The United Arab Emirates is known for its desert climate; however, the weather in the UAE is characterized by its moderation during the winter season.

Winter is considered one of the most beautiful seasons in the UAE, lasting from December to March with mild and pleasant weather. Daytime temperatures reach around 25 degrees Celsius, while evening temperatures in winter drop to around 15 degrees Celsius. This opens up opportunities for various activities that can be enjoyed in Dubai during the winter. The country welcomes a large number of tourists during this season to explore the top destinations that open their doors in the winter annually in Dubai, taking advantage of the moderate weather in the Emirates.

Speaking of the UAE's beaches, which are a top tourist destination in the country, they are warm during the daytime in winter. Visitors can explore Dubai's beautiful gardens during the winter season. Winter activities in the country include desert camping in the UAE, which attracts enthusiasts of this activity. Camping sites in the UAE vary between the desert and the coast. Additionally, visitors can enjoy delightful boat trips and engaging safari activities in the Dubai desert.

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