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The Most Beautiful Natural Destinations for a Honeymoon

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The Most Beautiful Natural Destinations For a Honeymoon

Are you looking for something different, rare, and unique for your honeymoon

If you’re planning for your honeymoon or a short vacation, and want to go somewhere nice but are on a budget, you don’t have to look too far. There are such beautiful places that you might be overlooking.

We previously shared some honeymoon style tips and inspirations for you to look perfect on your big day, you can also check out this amazing and helpful honeymoon packing checklist.

If you’re looking for unique places to visit on your honeymoon, we compiled a list of some unique and beautiful places to spend your honeymoon in.

Coppadocia HoneymoonMountain Ararat


Turkey is considered one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world, it combines the charm of the East with the modernity of the West, in addition to many tourist attractions that are worth a visit, such as Mount Ararat located 16,850 feet high, in eastern Turkey on the borders of Armenia and Iran. In addition to the Tortum Waterfall, the Tortum Waterfall is located in eastern Turkey and is considered the largest and most beautiful waterfall in Turkey.

We also advise you to visit the scenic stone houses, as well as colorful chimneys and valleys, located in the province of Nevsehir in Central Turkey. 

AqabaDead SeaDead Sea 1


Jordan is located in southwestern Asia and is located in the middle of the Middle East, which is located in the southern part of the Levant region, and the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula. There are some historical and romantic places, such as Wadi Rum, which is located in the south of Petra and near Aqaba, where you can see Nabataean inscriptions and roads and walls consisting of sandy rocks. And the Dead Sea, which is known for that it doesn't have any living creatures. And the huge quantities of minerals and salts that attract tourists to visit this picturesque and relaxing area.

White DesertMount Sinai


You can visit the White Desert of Egypt, which is located in the west of Egypt and includes thousands of chalk monuments, which are visited by tourists arriving on camping tours. In addition to Mount Sinai in Egypt, which is located at the bottom of the Sinai Peninsula, a region rich in granite rock and volcanic formation, and rises 7,500 feet, in addition to Mount Saint Catherine, which rises 8,625 feet.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the River Nile, as the longest river in the world passes from several historical monuments in Egypt on its way to the Mediterranean.

GeorgiaGeorgia 1


Georgia is a country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia, with an ancient cultural heritage. It includes many tourist attractions, ranging from beach resorts, rural adventures, and outdoor activities, to gardens, historical sites and many more. But the most characteristic of this beautiful country is the wonderful food and friendly people, and of course all the romantic places it offers for honeymooners.

Casa BatilloSagrada Familia


It is a member state of the European Union located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. The climate, historical and cultural monuments, and their geographical location, in addition to their facilities, contribute to making them a distinctive tourist destination.

If you love fairy tales, and you have an adventurous spirit to visit monuments and castles, we advise you to visit Casa Patio in Barcelona.

Namibia 1Namibia


The Republic of Namibia is a country located in the southwest of the continent of Africa, bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. It shares land borders with Angola and Zambia to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south and east.

Head on a traditional train trip in Namibia, as the old sirens and furniture on board the Desert Express, built in the 1950s style, will make you feel like you're in a classic movie scene. At the Spitzkoppe lounge, you can relax in an antique leather chair while enjoying a drink, then head out to eat at the Welwitschia Restaurant, which features wildlife in Africa and the footprints of local animals walking on golden sand dunes.

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