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Beautiful Bridal Makeup Looks For The Arab Bride

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Beautiful Bridal Makeup Looks For The Arab Bride

Arab brides are known for always wanting to be unique and beautiful in their own way, especially brides! Arab brides are always looking for the latest bridal, fashion, and beauty trends and ideas for their bridal look.

After you choose your wedding dress, your shoes, and the wedding accessories, you then move on to your bridal hair and makeup.

A bride's makeup can really make a bride happy or extremely sad if done wrong, one of the most important things a bride worries about on her wedding day is how her hair and makeup will look like.

Arab brides are becoming more aware of makeup styles and techniques and are choosing their makeup artists very carefully, because they want to look flawless but at the same time they don't want to hide their beautiful features.

One of the most important things when it comes to your bridal makeup, is choosing the right makeup artist, and to make sure you have flawless makeup, you have to choose an amazing and trusted makeup artist who will emphasize your beautiful features and not hide them or cover them. 

One other very important detail you should keep in mind when choosing your makeup is your wedding season, for example winter brides usually prefer to wear darker shades of makeup on their eyes and lips, while summer or spring brides should choose lighter colors and lighter makeup.

After all makeup is all about the bride's personal style and how she usually likes her makeup done, some brides like a simpler more classic look, while other brides prefer a glamorous and fancier makeup look, and there is no wrong or right when it comes to your makeup style, if done right, every bride's makeup looks beautiful.

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Remember to always have a makeup tutorial with the makeup artist you want, before your wedding day, let them know what kind of makeup you want, and show them pictures so they can have a clear idea.

Arab brides with original Arabic features as dark eyebrows, big beautiful eyes, and full lips, love to emphasize on these features. Arabic inspired makeup is usually more about the eyes, as Arab brides love a good eye makeup look, with professional eyeliner and beautifully blended eyeshadow, and long dramatic lashes.

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Like every bride, Arab brides love to look at makeup looks for inspiration, and of course this is what we are here for! 

Those makeup looks are created by some of the most popular makeup artists in the Middle East, such as Bassam Fattouh, Fady Kataya, Hameez Binjabi, Hala Ajam, Nora Bo Awadh and many more. 

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We have chosen some fabulous makeup looks we simply love for you to get some ideas.