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Control The Cold Effect!

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Control The Cold Effect!

Is the winter weather causing you some beauty concerns?

It’s one thing to suffer from a few beauty bummers due to cold temperatures, but when you’re a winter bride, it can get even more frustrating!

Whether its dry lips, dull skin, or dandruff, here are the most common winter beauty concerns, and tips to get you through them:

Eyebrows get dandruff, too!

Well, it’s not exactly dandruff. But in winter, your eyebrows tend to have a dandruff-like condition due to winter-dry skin or a possible build-up of facial cleanser stuck between the hairs. What you should do is scrub your brows first to get rid of flaky dry skin, then rinse well to make sure you get rid of any soap/cleanser residue and pat dry with a clean towel. Finally, apply a light eye or face cream over and around your eyebrows.

Red noses are for reindeer

Cold temperatures can reflect badly on your skin, your nose especially! Cold weather constricts blood vessels in the extremities to conserve energy, making your nose white. But once you come inside and warm up, extra blood rushes to your nose, making it red, dry and sensitive. Solution? Wear a stylish scarf around your face when you’re on your way out to protect your nose (and sinuses!) Just make sure the material is skin-friendly and doesn’t cause you any rashes or breakouts!

Pale skin is not in!

Are you tired of people telling you, “You look tired! Is everything okay?” When you’ve had a good night’s sleep and in fact, nothing is the matter except that your face looks pale! Lack of hydration can put a toll on your face, making it look dull. Also, circulation slows down in winter as you’re probably not moving around so much. The best thing to do is to keep moisturizing your skin for a natural glow. And for those extra rosy cheeks? Try applying natural-looking pink blush to ditch the cold look.


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Cracked peeling lips, and they hurt too!

Are the cold temperatures this winter causing your lips to be chapped, brittle and therefore peel? Try spreading on a balm that is enhanced with antioxidants, like pomegranate, grape and cranberries. It will boost softness. Also, make sure it contains SPF as winter sun is still harmful on the lips.

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Hold my hand!

If you’re living in Jordan and the Middle East, then we’re guessing your hands are paying the price for desert winds outdoors, and equally desert-like heat indoors! It’s all about the perfect moisturizing cream that suits your skin type! Apply a thick coat of moisturizing hand cream that is enriched with botanicals or ceramides before leaving the house. Also look for a cream that seals moisture in both your hands and nails.

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